I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Glee: I'm Gaga for Glee

Okay, okay, before I got all OMG and whatever, I'm seeing something that's kind of troubling me so I'm going to address it to only sort out my own feelings:

It is extremely problematic to assign blame on Kurt for Finn's outburst because Kurt was "creepy" about his attraction to Finn and any machinations he took to get closer to Finn. Kurt is not a mastermind. He might have introduced Burt to Carol but that didn't mean that they would hit it off so well that they'd get serious to the point where they're planning a future together and I'm sorry but no adult is going to listen to a sixteen year old when it comes to plans such as MOVING IN and sharing a house, that's the adults' decision.

There's some troubling language happening when describing Kurt's actions and I hope people recognize it.

Finn's words are inexcusable. He failed. Hopefully he'll not fail in the future. His actions at the end of the episode were a small step forward, perhaps. But he failed. End of story.

Burt's speech was fucking epic and glorious and it's a goddamn shame that it's a speech we still need to hear.

Fuckin' Hummels. How do they ROCK?

Gaga + KISS is a surprise match made in heaven. While Bad Romance was not my favorite number ever, Santana was a glorious dream on the song and the outfits were all marvelous.

I like Puck and sometimes I hate myself for it because he's suuuuuuch a douche but then he sings something like Beth and it's like, argh. Damn you.

Okay, I'll confess: Idina and Lea's version of Poker Face has been my jam for a couple of weeks as it leaked early and I will not accept any complaints against it. Using Gaga's acoustic take on the song was perfect for that and the harmonies are so delightful.

I kind of really like how they left the Shelby & Rachel relationship. The awkwardness was great because...sometimes it's like that. Maybe, it'll be different but now, it can't be. Plus: DRAMA at Regionals. Mother vs. Daughter.

Pfft, Vocal Adrenaline wins in a cakewalk. Wherein everyone sings about how they'd love to eat cake but they haven't had carbs since March '06. Seriously, they are so much better, y'all.

I am disappointed in the Glee girls taking on the Big Red strategy (a la Bring It On) of sneaking into VA's performances. Not cool, guys.

Oh, interesting note: this episode was switched around with next week's, so they're airing out of order. Won't spoil anything for next week, but it clarifies why a certain character didn't appear on the show. Although I miss said character's face. :-(

Quick thing: LOL mocking Twilight. Yes. This pleases Gaga.

In the above scenario, I am Gaga.
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