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I was a taller girl too, once.

this post, flambéed

I wore a 3/4 sleeve shirt in defiance of the weather. I am probably going to regret this when I trek up to the busier subway station post-work.

But still it won't be as bad as the last two weeks because I am not doing summer hours! Summer hours at my job entail that you work an extra hour Monday through Thursday for two weeks and then you every other Friday off. This is draining to say the least especially as OMG MUST GET DONE NOW projects often happen at 5 o'clock whereas these projects that could have been left off until tomorrow during regular hours, during the hell that is the summer schedule, this must be done NOW for the boss is leaving in like an hour and can't you get it done, it has to be done or THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE.

The drama button gets mashed mightily at the end of the day.

It was almost worth it as instead of a three day weekend, I got a four day weekend so I got to spend time at home with the family. Stupidly I didn't venture out in the glorious pool at home and I will have to rectify that when I visit the family in a couple of weeks. Instead I spent much of my weekend finishing off Modern Family (woo, yet another series that I can tick off my "One Day I Will Watch This" scorecard, you're up next, Treme!) and some shopping happened.

Okay, some awesome shopping happened. I haven't bought shoes in quite a while and for a time, when the Target by my house didn't suck, I could walk into the store and find glorious shoes that actually fit my size 11 feet and didn't cripple me. As the last pair of shoes I bought still don't fit right (a pair of Skechers that refuse to break in and chomp at my poor left heel), I was hurting and then my favorite pair of sneakers began to die on me. I've been hunting for a pair to replace them as these are my work-sneakers (lolz I wear sneakers at work now, no more 3 1/2" inch Mary Jane heels for me).

I went to a magical Kohls that had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pairs of sneakers in my size that I actually wanted to purchase. What is this, I don't even. And that's just in my favorite brand, Nike. I could have found more if I tried.

Ultimately, I purchased the Nike Compete & Compete II styles, as the first one is a bronze/brown/blue and clashes with my mostly black/grey/black wardrobe so it can only be worn when I'm wearing my non-black clothes (I do have non-black clothes). The second pair is the black/white with a pink swoosh that I allow myself to believe matches almost anything.

Then I got them on sale with 15% percent off on top of it. Heavenly.

I'm still sad about my work-sneakers getting so beat up. Unfortunately there's a tear in the side that I can't get repaired and they can't be used as workout sneakers as there's some weird stitching inside the right shoe that rubs oddly alongside my foot.

Look, some people can rock all manner of shoes but when it comes down to it, a good pair of sneakers can keep me from getting knocked out of commission. You are talking to a girl who had her knee give out when she was 12/13 because I dared to...stand. Yes, that's it. Just stand. And my knee gave out. I had to wear a horrendous brace thing that went over my entire leg for a week before my knee sorted itself out. I think my knees are IRL trolls.

I swear, I did not intend for this post to become so lame and devolve into sneaking rambling with a side of wharrrrble garrrrble knee nonsense.

I had other things to talk about! Like, uh, my cats that I adopted are adapting nicely to the apartment. They are cats and behave in cat-like ways. Yesterday, there were many-a people over to witness that they existed. They also partook of food, some of which I cooked.

Easy Salad:

1/2 bag bagged spinach
6-8 slices of bacon, chopped
1 pear, cut into bite-size pieces

Assemble and enjoy. For dressing, basalmic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and the juice of 1 lemon ought to work just nicely if you realize you forgot to make a freaking dressing.

I also made zucchini fritters and penne a la vodka and prepped some brushetta on toasted baguette. So hopefully my guests were fed.

One day I'm going to make arroz con pollo all by myself but I'll need like ten people to attend to the lunch/dinner since I only know how to make it in mass quantities. I really need to purchase a heavy-ass skillet so I can make tostones properly. *sigh* That purchase won't be for a while since the good skillets cost $$$ and I am not working with a cheap skillet.

So looking forward to tonight when I can watch the last of the True Blood S2 commentaries (I borrowed the dvds from loony_moony) and partake of some leftovers.

Pray for me, you guys. I might attempt to make Banana Fosters tonight. o_0
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