I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

hot summer is hot

Y'know my dad is a funny guy. He's all, "Lolz I don't mind the heat, except the humidity, that's the killer."

Okay, he doesn't say lolz. But he is lol-ing at me because while sure, a sunny day doesn't bother him, it's pretty much THE BURNING OH THE BURNING CURSE MY SkIN.

Seriously. I have no idea how I ended up the palest of my family, including my mother, who isn't to my knowledge, half Puerto Rican, as I am. I've already been exposed to the sun way more that last year. I'm freckling. :X

So yes, the past two days in NYC have not been a picnic. And it's not just the heat of the day, for yes, those of you who live in the Rilly Hot Places, I totally get y'all laughing at us NYers complaining about the weather. But in the city, the heat becomes just vile.

It's the hot gusts of air that trick you in that first moment of a possibly soothing breeze but no, it's just smelly hot air wafting from Funkville: Population Eww. It's the sweltering condensed, cramped heat suffocating you in the subways. It's the sunny side of the streets that you have to walk down as pedestrians get in your way when you're trying to cross an intersection oh my god, can't you see me trying to get across, I wanna go into an air-conditioned building for the love of ice cubes!

Getting hit in the face with the soothing a/c of a building and knowing you have so many more blocks to walk. Because we're New Yorkers and we have places to go and things to do and we can't stop and rest in some nice cool place, oh no, we must stride on, past the cool air and then WHAM. We get hit in the face with a hot wind which is just the last damn straw. IS THE AIR ON FIRE WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

Now I am someone who considers 60 degrees "pleasantly warm". So. Yes. This fucking summer.

Also, I wore flip-flops yesterday and got a really bad blister between my toes and now it's refusing to heal. Overheated and wakling while hobbled? Next maybe I'll get attacked by a lobster. On fire.
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