I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

hello ladies how are you fantastic

Psych is back for the summer. Now it's really summer!

I love Shawn and Gus. That's not a spoiler and if you don't agree then I am judging you so hard.

I'll be quick like a cobra as I am exhausted from manhandling the last of my laundry back to my apartment.

Wot I liked:

- Juliet's new hair.

- Chief Vick! You know what I realized? Psych regularly passes the Bechdel Test. I loved Vick's convo with Juliet to get Juliet back on active duty. She's a damn good chief.

- Gus. We're very happily married in a bizarro reality where ASkars is my rooftop poolboy.

- The BroTP.

Wot I Question:

- Shawn's racial insensitivity. C'mon, man. It's fine for Shawn to be an ass and he was adorable when learning kung fu in that kiddie class but oh god, I did cringe. There was cringe.

- Henry reverting back into the S1 hardass. It's understandable but frustrating. I guess Shawn needed a new obstacle for his casework but it sucks that it's Henry because Henry's so much better at helping Shawn with his cases than purposefully setting up roadblocks.

I mean, it's Shawn. If you try to protect him from a dangerous Triad member, Shawn will happily blunder his way into the gang's headquarters (multiple times). And sometimes he will think he has acquired martial arts skills that he will never, ever possess.

Good job, Henry. *slow clap*

Other than that? I enjoy Psych. Now bring on the next episode!
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