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tom hardy don't you understand the internet is forever.

First, I could not resist this meme because if my meme could smell like this meme, it would smell like win.


Second, I was going to do a two part post about Tom Hardy tonight, divided into two categories: Tom Hardy Wears a Shirt and Tom Hardy Fails at Wearing a Shirt.

This was a very good plan. The only catch is that Tom Hardy's camwhoring Myspace days have offered a glut of photos and um, I have 100 photos and gifs to sort through. Tomorrow I will share the glory and the lols.

Likely, I will be posting the following Tom Hardy Posts: Shirt, Almost a Shirt, No Shirt.

Hell I could make a picspam called "Tom Hardy's Hideous Hat Haberdashery."

And if you're wondering why the hell I'm doing this, it's very simple.

Tom Hardy is the most important man...in the universe.

Clearly. I am not doing this because I find him to be hilarious and hot and incredibly douchetastic which double rainbows itself back into awesome when he posts photos like this.

All I need to find is Tom Hardy photobombing some celebrity and my life will be complete.
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