I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.


The poll from earlier today has been closed.

I was thinking of doing an answer key behind an lj-cut but since the results of the final question showed how many of y'all are so wrong, I'm not cutting. (Insert "deal with it" macro of your choice.)

Question 1: I move the stars for...

I hope everyone got that was a Labyrinth reference. :-/ Also it was so close to having no one choose Sarah and yet someone's always gotta break the streak. Sarah ruined EVERYTHING.

When you are offered David Bowie, you say yes. That is all.

Question 2: Object of least concern:

Lulz there is no right answer here, although I am delighted that so many choose Chad Michael Murray's sense of accomplishment. I have tried to get away with not including CMM in my polls but I can't help it, I just smile when I include Chad somewhere in a poll.

Question 3: Only one in the wonderful world of Disney (World):

EPCOT. It's where science meets AWESOMENESS. Also: only Disney park you can get shitfaced, son.

I'm okay with a Magic Kingdom/Epcot tie, though.

Question 4: Hamm vs. Hamm:

The real winner is anyone who gets to look at Jon Hamm. But the right answer is Hamm & Bublé. Because Jon Hamm gliding like a shark in the background while Michael Bublé sings terrified jingles is one of the best things that happened ever.

Question 5: Worst use of Tom Hardy's penis:

Okay, everyone go get all of Tom Hardy's movies and get back to me. Only two of y'all answered this HIGHLY IMPORTANT question right.

The Take. Now and forever. While you don't see dick in this movie, let's just say Tom Hardy's penis is to blame for a scene that SCARRED me and Stef for liiiiife.

FYI: Bronson features much full-frontal Hardy and is easily the best use of Tom Hardy's dick. Also, I really enjoyed it, despite the grisly subject matter.

Speaking of Tom Hardy with a shaved head, what do we have here?

You guys. He's driving with his dog. Who he thoughtfully belted in and there are FUZZY DICE hanging from the rearview mirror.

I can't.

I don't want to be on the internet the day we run out of shirtless Hardy pics.
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