I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

a poem for fail.

To lj you fail
cross-posting destroys flocking
and where are my tags?

My tags, I mourn thee,
sweet organization lost
to creepy goat face.

That's right I'm Sokka!
It's pronounced with an "Okka"
Ladies, I rocked ya!

The last one may not have been about lj's latest update fail. Also I might have corrected the 5-7-5 scheme since Sokka added an unnecessary "yeah."

LJ - Twitter - Facebook. Completely separate entities for me. Fannish life is a separate venture, I don't even share my full name with ease and I don't like my actual first name to be used on lj even under a flock. Twitter is where I go to be silly while at work and even that I keep locked down and have a rather small friends list. Facebook...is a website I hate but many people I love very much use it so I keep a facebook profile and do absolutely nothing with it.

Nothing I post here goes to those other websites. I hope you'll respect my wishes and do the same to my posts.

Sadly, now that LJ is so happy to show off their new crappy social media tools, there's no way for me to control that, even on my friendslocked posts. Boy. I can see why LJ didn't want to make this opt-in, it's like a game. Guess who'll get in trouble for not have a squeaky clean online life first!
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