I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

the point to this post is a by-product of song rage

I will never get over critics seriously excusing Helena Bonham Carter's singing voice in Sweeney Todd by quoting a line from "Worst Pies in London": Well, pity/ A woman alone /With limited wind.

That's the joke of the fucking song, douchetarts. Mrs. Lovett is introduced by singing a frenetic, crazy-hard song about her failing pie business and at the end of it, where she has been singing so fast and loudly that she doesn't give Sweeney Todd a moment to answer any of her comments in the song, she coyly does a poor-me about her lacking in power/abilities when she's been showing off some mad singing skills. The point of those lyrics is not so that you can cast someone who cannot fucking sing and ruins all the songs ever.

This has been Reg's Rage Thought of the Day. I've probably expressed this thought before but there are still flames burning at the sides of my face.

I would delete my Sweeney Todd Movie soundtrack but that means I would delete Johhny Depp and Alan Rickman singing to each other and I cannot do that. Nor could I deal with having an incomplete soundtrack.

Though Johnny can't really do justice to Sweeney Todd either at least his voice doesn't make my eyes turn into fiery spheres of death. That's right. I turn into a Mary Sue when enraged. Y'all better watch out.

Ugh, please stop, Tim Burton. You made me embarrassed to watch Alice in Wonderland and now I fear what you will do next.
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