I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Jensen, who are the bees?

If you get my subject header then you have to hang out with me because you are a really cool person and totally don't spend your free time watching truly terrible movies.

Tonight, I am going to be hugging my dog. Then I will do laundry. Then I will eat dinner.

The my mom will remind me that Supernatural is on and I will have to explain all of S5 to her so we can watch it live. lol where do I begin? A LOT OF STUFF WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT IT KIND OF DIDN'T AND THEN SAMCIFER EXPLODED CASTIEL. ALSO, TOY SOLDIERS AND TEARS.

I think by not being very omg spn this summer, I'm pretty chill with whatever so long as there isn't any major FAIL moments. Oh snap, I watch SPN, this means I'm doomed.

Oh no Mark posted another part to his Mark Reads Harry Potter blog oh god I was going to write up a super awesome post but I must be off.

Um, quick things: I'm going to Florida in November (yes Disney World, okay I haven't been there in over 10 years), so I couldn't swing wincon and I have a great SAD about that part (but still: yay Disney).

I am locked in a debate about getting this shirt or this shirt [fixed the html b/c I am streets ahead].

By the way, I love Community deeply and all of its delicious meta/snark/bitchiness. I am also an irrational Jeff/Annie lover and oh god, I found out that the cast talks about Jeff/Annie fanvids in the dvd commentaries. Wat.

omg off to read Mark reads because I am hopelessly addicted.
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