I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Supernatural: Exile on Main Street

There were many asses tonight in desperate need of fancy top hats to generously display their puffed-up asshattery.

Tonight I wished I owned a haberdashery. I'd make a killing.

- The sound effects utilizing jump scares was...not well done.

- does no one understand that Dean is deeply fucked up and will never be happy because he is deeply fucked up forever?

- Sam, aren't you glad Dean had those golf clubs now? Also: obvious in-joke about Jensen's golfing is obvious.

- I want fic where Dean is golfing, thinks about Sam while in the bunker and how that is a METAPHOR FOR HIS DEEPLY FUCKED-UP DOOM (I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MASTER THE ART OF THE WEDGE AND GET ONTO THE GREEN OH SAMMY WITHOUT YOU LIFE IS TORMENT AND A HANDICAP OF +30) and then tries to stop a possessed golf cart from eating unsuspecting golfers.

- I making things up because I am confounded by the douchenozzlery.

- I like the idea that Dean works in construction. It's like he's taking his rage of being thrown into walls by tearing them down. That'll show 'em.

- The Impala is so mad at Dean right now.

- lulz Sam's sweet ride. It should have had spinning rims.

- Lisa should've (gently) whapped Dean in the shoulder. Obviously she cares about you enough to let you ruin her gorgeous wood floors with magical seals that work except when they don't. Here's another thing what I am making up: Lisa is an interior decorator. It would explain the tastefully arranged bowl of fruit (of course her kitchen was that color too; that's the color for a homey kitchen). It's also why she's cool driving several states (? are they still in the same town/state from her S3 appearance) to Bobby's - no worries about her job, she'll just reschedule some clients.

- Bobby, it's cool that you don't have a tv, I'll just go on the internet, says the Ben in my head. Then his adorable face falls when he learns that no, Bobby does not offer wifi at his fortress of magicaltude.

- Hats. Asses. Needs to be repeated.

- Pacing was way off. Did not feel like a premiere. Poor use of djinns (lol they were lame fighters against a GOLF CLUB). Samuel certainly SEEMED trustworthy what with him being friendly-like to Dean who he last remembers as the guy pretending to be a hunter back when Samuel got possessed by a demon and MADE OUT WITH HIS DAUGHTER.

- Oh hai dude who traveled back in time and did nothing to help me, my wife, or daughter with our impending doom, I'm totally a good guy. LOOK INTO MY EYES. THEY ARE NOT TWINKLING WITH SECRET PLANS OF QUESTIONABLE ORIGINS.

The family that slays together...makes shifty eyes and does asshatty things together.

Needs more adorable Yorkies.
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