I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

thems thots and the ths that love 'em

I am so glad I decided to go home for the weekend. Crazy hot day (hit a high of 87 in my neck of the woods but it's so sunny that it feels hotter) for a late NY September. Wore my flipflops, got a pedicure, hit 'em up style at Trader Joes and now I'm gonna have an early dinner before blissing out in the air-conditioned media room.

It helps that NO ONE is home right now. My mom is off at her friend's vow renewal party and I'm on call to pick her up post-midnight, my middle sister's bartending (but not in the dark), the little one fucked off somewhere and I have no idea where my dad is. Just me and the dog.

Me and the dog think it's time to knock off a few tv shows off the dvr list. By the way, I'm watching The Big C (I'm almost always a week behind since I don't get Showtime at my apartment) and I'm loving it. Oh Laura Linney. How are you so magical? By the way, Gabourey Sidibe is on the show as well and she's pretty damn fantastic.

If Andrea winds up having something of a romantic relationship with Adam, I am totally not opposed. I do want them to be friends at the very least since it would flummox Cathy. Heh.

Idris Elba was also in the latest episode and oh god he makes my eyes turn into stars before his beauty. And he got to speak with his actual accent. And sing. Yeah. Yeah.

Y'know I'm vaguely mulling over Supernatural and I finally realized that I kind of wanted the premiere to go another way.

I think I wanted Lazarus Rising but a Sam-centric one. With a dash of good old Mystery Spot (SPN at its finest in making your soul hurt).

While it's nice to find out that Dean remains miserable and in pain for all the time, I think we needed to have a lot more Sam, Sam turning himself into the colder guy we meet in the S6 premiere and hell, it should have been a mystery with a lot of fighty fights and action (so that Jared wouldn't have to completely suffer a In the Beginning acting load where he'd be onscreen 90% of the time). An intro to Samuel and the Campbells then, some setup of why Sam would call them his family. Cut to the last scene copying the last scene of last year's finale, with Sam's POV at looking at Dean with Lisa and Ben and deciding that no, he can't (for whatever reason) bring Dean back with him, that he needs to do this alone.

See? "I can't do this alone" has been the motto for Dean and Sam forces himself to believe that he has to do it alone for whatever ~mysterious~ reason.

Or we could have an entire episode of Sam working on his needlepoint as Samuel got a hipster evil mustache tattoo on his finger so that he could put it over his lips when he was feeling villainous.

IDK, you guys.

My food is ready. Laters.
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