I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

I'm getting a cold and it's all wet and rainy outside and I'm being chased by wolves and I punched a dinosaur in the face and now it's sworn revenge on me and OH GOD NOT THE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

My woes are infinite.

I desperately want to nap and considering that naps enrage me this is how I know I am not feeling well.

Didn't get to watch Dexter or Mad Men yet. :-((((( Only Dexter and Don Draper being in pain can cure my pain.

I did watch The Amazing Race (aka the episode where that girl got hit in the face with a melon) and Already there are teams that annoy me deeply. I kind of like the pageant girl? (what is this madness.) The doctors seem all right and the volleyball girls didn't make much of an impression. Nick and Vicki are so dumb. Phil's snarky "Yes, the country of London" was beautiful.

Worried that so many teams resorted to flipping the fuck out almost immediately. Good luck when you get sent to India/Thailand, bros.

Oh, and I finished The Hunger Games last week. A+, would read again when I want to feel my spirit being crushed. But seriously, it's a very good trilogy and an excellent use of the dystopian world without making it grim and utter bleak. Why yes, The Road, I am looking at you.
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