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Well, I'm back...

But not for long.

Quick wrap-up: Computer fixed, still no AIM. Was stressed for quite a while, am slightly less stressed.

I'm going into the city tomorrow and on Sunday. I have to write 3 art critiques this weekend, get at least 4 pages completed of my anthropology paper, crack into my English Renaissance paper on Sonnets, then start work on my Contemporary poetry paper, and then?

Write up detailed plans for an art exhibition regarding a specific area of Asian art.

So yes. Much with the panicking and the 'hoo boy!'

Plus, I need to organize a club paper workshop, but that's mostly in the bag. I've secured a professor to be there to help out students and the space to do it in. Just gotta deal with the advertising and the refreshments.

By the by, http://pub36.bravenet.com/vote/vote.php?usernum=3071115404

You see that link? My friends and people who are just randomly cruising by the post? I request that you vote for the lovely, incredibly Alex Sweeton. Her music is great and two of her songs can be found at: http://www.invisiblegirl.com/

Voting ends tomorrow at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. So please, go vote.

Tomorrow I'll be wandering around Chelsea and then going to the Whitney Musuem. Can you say art overload?
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