I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

irritated reg yells at eye.

Eye: still not good. I am DRINKING eyedrops. Through my eye. It is exactly as disgusting how it sounds. Ugh, ugh why can't things magically get better.

Going to the gym in glasses: fun. Well, I took off my glasses for the workout because my gym is insanely hot and I hate sweating and sweating on my glasses is my niiiiightmare so no, blind workout for me. I did okay.

My legs are tired. :-(

Now I have to somehow go to sleep in the next ten minutes so I can be ready for crazy busy day at work tomorrow as I am just not getting up early enough. DAYLIGHT WHY CAN'T YOU BE MY ALARM CLOCK?

This post is pretty much me shaking my fist at the clouds.

Oh, here's a non-angry Reg yells at cloud moment: can anyone identify a 60s model car called the Special? I walked past it on my way back to my apartment and since the street was dark, I could only make out the model name and didn't see the make anywhere. If it helps the front grill looked like this: ^^^ and it definitely had an '67 Impala-ish glint to its body frame and it had the same sideview mirrors.

It was pretty. I wanted to steal it. But that might be a crime in some states.
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