I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

midtacular musings

Last ~midterm~ election, I was sitting pretty at the Colbert Report live taping after voting at 6:00am in the morning. Ah, how times have changed. I haven't voted yet but I'll be on my way shortly, waiting in a line of old folks since young people don't ever seem to vote in my damn district.

I don't think I'm gonna like the result at the end of tonight but hey, them's the brakes. I won't get political in this post but I do believe for those Americans on my flist that you should vote today. Yes I am sending guilt waves over the internet. Deal with it.

I look forward to fighting with the old ladies at my polling place since they seem to think that because there's a (D) after my name that they can trick me by claiming I am not registered to vote because my name "isn't on the list". This is because I have an ~ethnic~ last name that they refuse to hear properly despite me always pronouncing my last name the "American way" to them.

What up, I got my mail-in "you are registered to vote here, dummy" placard and I am BRINGING IT. Can't stop this Democrat in a Republican stronghold from voting. Again, not being political here, but I am judged harshly by the polling people and it's pretty noticeable. I find it hilarious, to be honest.

NOT looking forward to the new electronic scan-your-vote malarkey. I love the old NY voting machines and I am VERY sad that they're gone. In 2000 (ah, high school), I got to see how those machines tally up the votes and it was fairly straightforward and foolproof. Why was I there? I volunteered to call in the voting amounts for the presidential election to the news outlets. Because that's a good, clean day of teenage fun for me.
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