I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

the walken dead: dancing and cowbelling their way to global domination

It seems whenever I say The Walking Dead out loud it inevitably sounds like The Walken Dead which would be an entirely different kind of show. A completely awesome show but yes, quite different.

I would not want to be the one to get bitten by a Walken zombie and turn into a Walken from one of his lesser roles like that Country Bears movie he did. *shudder*

Actually I don't ever want to be a zombie. Never let me become undead. Thanks.

Yeah since I watched the episode this morning, I had to glance away at the zombie dismemberment scene otherwise I'd have to add nausea to my current list of ailments.

But let's get to the important part. Glenn is seemingly the most level-headed, best "in case of zombie, do this" character I've seen so far in this series. Because seriously. Seriously. Glenn. Let's be best friends. I'll get you a bracelet and everything.

Everyone else in this brave new zombie world? They be zombie happy meals. Yes, even Rick. Possibly especially Rick.

I don't play video games but I do watch too many Let's Play. Any time anyone (aka Rick, the only person who seems to COLLECT weapons) acquired a weapon, I'd respond with, "nice melee weapon!" or "Rick has achieved an AXE".

When someone steals a shotgun, I shall be singing, I've got a SHOTGUN!.

Hey does anyone want incredibly gross racist and sexist guy to survive? Because I bet that bag of tools (WHY WOULD YOU NOT TAKE THAT?) that got knocked over totally won't come into play. Sigh.

I would like Lori not to be a terrible person but there's not much I like about her. Who goes out scavenging (or "gathering", sigh) without a weapon?

I put that question to EVERYONE who was not holding some form of a melee weapon during a zombie apocalypse.

So far, Zoning Authority Lady and Blonde "Sharp"shooter seem all right.

T-Dog. Really?

Although dude, I don't hold it against you about not wanting to let the evil, racist asshole out. DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THAT. This is survival 101: don't tea, up with the "Most Likely to Get Everyone Killed or Horribly Torment Your Group" guy. Even if you think he might ~helpful~ it never ends well.

I just looked at the previews for next week and UGH.

I like this show a lot. I just think everyone on this show so far has not displayed very good survival skills. Except for Glenn. Glenn, you just remember to always carry a weapon and we'll be awesome.
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