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Go, go shorty...we gonna party like it's your birthday

Gah. I'm awake, I swear. I nearly blinded myself today by stabbing my mascara into my eye, for I am...a genius. I swear, I do some of the stupidest things when I'm in a rush. Instead of actually getting to school on time, I just barely made it, rushing to my class like a bat out of hell.

And the "check engine" sign was showing up while I was driving. Lovely.

And since I have not been good, I feel like I've gained ten pounds. Gack. I must behave this week.

For the past two days, school's been out, which is of the good, although I don't feel like I've gotten anything accomplished. I have a paper due tomorrow and I should be researching, but I'm not. Looks like more all-nighters for me.

And, my "piece of cake" Writing about Society class...I just got back my first essay. A "B." B. Damn. And his complaint? "Too complicated." For frell's sake, I hate writing about myself, and it certainly showed. Hopefull I can rewrite it and boost up my grade, I need all A's this semester (mostly for my own sense of vindication).

And I have to write up something about dating/boyfriends/relationship for the next class. Oh...I just know I'm going to love that.

"I'm still fucking single. I really want to go out with someone. I have a fat girl mentality and feel that no one will ever love me and all the guys I'm attracted to would never, ever want to go out with me. I'm going to die alone in a snow drift and my body won't be found until spring. That is what I think of dating today. The end."

Mmm...isn't life grand?
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