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stupid sexy fae

So because I trust missyjack when it comes to reccing boobs things I enjoy watching, I marathoned Lost Girl Sunday/Monday. She has a great rec post and overview here.

Verdict: fun. No deep thinking, sometimes tries a little hard at Whedon-esque dialogue, but very, very fun.

Hey, I like Bo and Kenzi a lot. I want them to be together forever. Besties for life, yo. If I look for fic in this fandom, I want all the fic about them forever, slash or gen, because they're a good team and good for each other.

Kenzi's makeup sometimes looks really weird, though. But I think that's because her eyes are so bright that the dark punk/goth look isn't quite something that compliments her eye color. I love her jewelry. Wow, my thoughts on her character are so very deep. Heh.

Actually she gets awesome one-liners and pulls off her role pretty well. I want her to get some, though! No more fae cock-blocking. But I love that she can work on parts of the case while Bo's off for whumpage times. Kenzi should be a character that would irritate me but I totally dig her.

I admire Bo for her wardrobe choices. If I could wear black all the time I would. (Oh wait, I do that all the time.) I also like that so far, her not knowing the info about Fae life is seriously putting her at a disadvantage, a lot of her fights/cases are solved through luck and her refusing to give up but man, she really needs to read the damn books. Sure the Fae only seem to half-answer most of her questions but if there's info to be had at Trick's bar, have at it, girl.

My guess about the "find the mom" plot: since Bo's midwife was Dark Fae, Bo's the product of a Light/Dark high-powered couple and Bo will wind up being more than a Succubus and/or have the ability to become an Uber Fae. Which I'd be okay with as long as Kenzi stays human and doesn't get weirdly powered up. I have bad Whedon-flashbacks from that silliness.

I liked Bo finding a fellow succubus and I hope to see that character again, while she was a dark fae, she seemed to be pretty cool.

I really, really, REALLY wish I liked Lauren. Like. I don't know. But everything she does annoys the shit of me. Goddammit, be more awesome so I can feel SOMETHING about the relationship between you and Bo other than "ugh, stupid Lauren is here to annoy me again".

Dyson and Bo are doomed once she finds out he's been lying to her about knowing anything about her family/past (but seriously: that dude gets off on being tormented withholding). I kind of like them more when they're fucked up, like in episode eight where it's clear that they are both idiots about their ~feelings~ but also enjoy fucking each other senseless. More of that, please. Although I'm sure they'll be broken up for reals come the season finale.

I don't know spoilers, only how these things go.

Trick is probably the most interesting of the regulars/recurring as far as his backstory. So he's the Blood King and was once REALLY important in Fae History only no one really seems to get who he was? Is he in hiding? It's clear that Dyson is Team Blood King (are they making shirts for that?) and that Dyson's partner Hale doesn't really seem to anything about Trick's ~secret origins~.

Why does Trick think not telling Bo is the BETTER option than revealing her omg possibly eeeeeevil origins? Dude, have you met Bo? She's feisty and this will only end in fighting.

Wait, I like the fighting.

Carry on, then.

The plots so far are kind of easy to solve. "Lol I guess that other fae you were talking to was ALSO a werewolf/shifter and killed that guy, whoops, too bad no one knew that about him...wait a second."

Bah, plots. Plots are for suckers. ;-)

Final verdict: fun, cheesy, supernatural creatures are so far acceptable so long as you aren't a mythology purist, lots of Hey It's That Canadian actor moments, with a nice kind of 90s visual appeal/style.

I'm digging it, hopefully the next two episodes are enjoyable.
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