I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

perhaps glee

LJ why are you being so slow?

Hi LJ. Hi. There is a lovely love meme going on and my heart grew three sizes today.

Also, I watched Glee last night and again today and

This is all so that memphis86 can post Darren Criss's FAAAAAACE when he declares he's so gangsta, he's so thug. THUG LIFE 4REAL.

I hope she doesn't post Will's epic muppet face or I'll giggle for hours. Oh Will. Why do you make the faces that you do?

Um. Um. I want Kurt and Rachel to be friends! They have such good friendship chemistry.

Thank you, Fuck Yeah Darren Doesn't Know

OBVIOUSLY BLAINE WILL NOT BE THE BOYFRIEND. There is nothing set up at all. Any looks Blaine directed at Kurt during "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" were merely ~mentoring~ supportive glances.

I'd like Darren Criss to support me in my pants.

(I kid. Since I have watched an interview where Darren stated he grew up listening to the Beatles and being fannish about Star Wars, I've decided to offer him ignited's hand in marriage. Darren will be my fake brother-in-law.)

Enough about Blaine's platonic friendship with the Bird Metaphor of Adapting To Your Situation...I mean Kurt.

By the way, that subtle metaphor got this stuck in my head:

On to the other fine folk in Glee-land!

Puck had funny lines. What was that all about? It's almost as if...the show remembered that's what Mark Sailing does best. Am-badass-dor indeed, bro.

Finn is a stupidhead.

Santana is evil but she probably earned the tie with the Warblers for New Directions with her performance of "Valerie."

Because, sorry Sam and Quinn, "I've Had the Time of My Life" is invalid without The Lift. You have failed the Spirit of Swayze.

Also I love that Will's decision to reinvent the wheel is to do the same exact same entrance as last Sectionals and replace the popular quarterback and the desperate diva leads with...the popular new quarterback and the redeemed head Cheerleader.

I'd sarcastically slow clap if I wasn't too busy laughing at your Muppet Face of Disapproval.

Tina needs to wear more outfits like that last one she wore for Dogs Day Are Over. Speaking of: what a fantastic number! Jenna really needs to be given more stuff like that. She sounded wonderful. Amber was great without having to be brought in for the glory note but it was really nice to see Jenna get a major song like that. I want MOAR.

Finally, to Kurt:

I laughed at your bird jokes. Because I hate birds. Carry on.

I have to post this too because WTF/awesome/I don't even/YES (answer: all of the above):

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