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"Oh my god, am I stepping on the art?"

Not me who said it, but still, that's what you get for visiting art galleries in Chelsea. Priceless moments. Giant egg-shaped dressers. A display of a performance artist that is totally freaky.

And fearing that one has stepped onto art.

Don't you love New York City?

There were some excellent exhibitions and one that I can totally write a critique for, because I get the work and I just liked that he mixed the old fashioned 'traditions' of landscape painting (esp. Northern European painting) with modern ideas/trends.

I am grateful for the feedback on Heal. I was incredibly nervous about the fic when I started it, because it's a bit more graphic and brutal than I usually write. Well, actually, I have written dark, messed-up stuff, but writing this fic, I had a bit of a moment where I went, "am I really going to have him do that?" and then, "er, I guess I am."

But posting it has reopened my interest in the B/A fic I'm working on, the long-stalled, And Dance By the Light. I've gotten to a point where I'm only working towards getting to the ending, instead of trying to get to a coherent middle.

I have trouble writing smut.


No, really.



And I assume most people can guess what with my "angst, pain, pain, pain, sorta kinda hope, then there's sex, afterwards, and back to the pain/angst or possibly hope" cycle.

That mostly because I know that my strength is not in sex scenes. Especially in 'happy' stories, it's really hard for me to not have go off into 'badfic' territory. How horrified was I when I realized I've used the awful "he tested the weight of her breasts" line in one of my fics? So horrified and then I burst into a fit of laughter, imagining the character weighing the breasts like melon. "Oh, this one looks like a keeper."

I've actually mocked my smut writing when editing.

I do try to be true to the story and the characters when writing smut, which is probably why it can be such a problem. Sometimes, I just feel that the characters don't want to do anything. Which ends up with me just not writing anything. As witnessed in And Dance By the Light's delayed released.

Heck, I've got the ending written out, but what took me the longest was the sex.

And now, I am deeply ashamed for laughing at that sentence.

So...writing smut? Isn't all it's cracked up to be.</lj>
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