I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

uuuuuuugh. & cold.

When I was bitching about the ridiculous hot weather this summer and melting whenever I stepped outside, I was also haunted by the thought that it meant the winter was going to be a stone cold son of a bitch.

I hate being proven right.

Ugh. Apparently my body lives for 60 degree weather and I will only get that for like, a day and a half each year now. DAMN YOU SCIENCE!

In seven days time, I have already migrated to my "fuck it's cold out" outerwear of my heaviest oversized winter coat, Old Navy Fleece, scarf wrapped around my face, warm tights under my pants, the whole works. :-( I can only dread the rest of the winter if this is the start to it.

lol I am such a brat.

Anyway the real reason for my post, I need nail care advice! I don't really do anything to my nails other than occasionally put on polish (and very rarely), and I've been having a bitch of a time with my left thumbnail breaking at the same spot for the past couple of months. It's clear that I've got some kind of a crack happening. Any advice on how to treat it?

Like, IDK, strengthening polish or SOMETHING? It's on the right corner of the nail and just I get it the usual length I keep my nails, the damn nail break and I have to do some creative filing to pare it down. (Right angles = the bane of nail filing, amirite?)

Totally lost on the best nailcare treatment. Please no "go get a manicure" I HATE how my nails get treated at a salon; I've always preferred to do it myself.

If you give me advice, I will write you a drabble of my choosing./Rachel Berry.
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