I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

this post is mostly filled with things that are filler-like

You should know that caithream won yesterday's poll and as a result will get all the prizes, ever.

This includes a bitchin' sketch of a horse if I time to draw it tomorrow. You think my stick figures are amazing? Wait until I make a stick horse.

Today I felt good having a delicious grilled chicken salad for lunch but my office has been getting lots of candy & such in the form of gift baskets. Not good and terrible to resist. Oddly enough, I think it was a seemingly harmless pear that turned my stomach. Thanks a lot, fruit.

I don't know why I think it's a great idea to just not eat dinner, but I do, and let's hope it doesn't utterly fuck me up. (I am so doomed.)

So unprepared for Christmas. I am going to force myself to pack up my overnight back at least tonight since I probably won't have much time tomorrow if I do something daring and actually go out during the night. Scandalous. Oh god, I haven't wrapped any presents. Fuuuuuuck. Also, I didn't get anything for my (spoiled) boy-shaped cousins. Because they have all things already. One of them just turned four and got the latest version of the iTouch. Bleh, I am terrible at gift-giving.

Also, I need to look up my paella recipe. I always make it for Christmas Eve but I am just so out of sorts that I haven't even gotten my shopping list ready. Thinking about also making raspberry shortbread cookies to bring over for Christmas dinner.

We didn't make any pasteles this year. It's kind of odd. Not surprised though, lot of family tension I don't want to get into, but still, sad. When I grow up properly, I'm gonna have to arrange the pasteles cooking day and all that entails (we make it from about 75% scratch, because Goya is often the bomb in arranging shortcuts) but I'm not a real grownup yet.

In honor of not getting my hands cut up from grating many, many bananas, I apparently gave myself a papercut at some point last week, right next to my (still really painful) scar on my right thumb. Ah, nerve damage. Is there anything you can't solve?

Still hassling y'all about your tumblrs. Give it up, I wanna follow you. until you love me
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