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I was a taller girl too, once.

all the cool kids hate on glee. I'm not cool.

Oh man, I am actually shocked that I got my amazon order (ordered on 12/24 because I am good at doing this on time, yis) today. ignited's Christmas gift is all set to be wrapped up. :D

lol she's going to hate it because I'm pretty sure she wanted me to get her something else.

Also, I bought S1 of Glee since it was on sale at a rate I am willing to pay for a blooper-less dvd set. (MOAR BLOOPERS, PLZ.)

[random because I am nothing if not an efficient multi-tasker: Ugh, twitter sometimes you work and then you don't. Hate.]

Thing about Glee: man, going from an episode in the front 13 to the back 9 truly shows how much Chris Colfer actually grew during that year. It's pretty hilarious.

Kirsten Chenoweth makes everything better.

Also, I still long to be as fierce as football player #34 as seen in his FIERCE AS FUCK dance of "Singles Ladies".

Oh man, okay, so I totally got S1 of Glee because I've become re-invested in the show because of freakin' Kurt and his POTENTIAL relationship with a certain character played by a certain ADORABLE actor who sometimes dabbles in fan-made productions/homages to books written by a British author.

I am of course talking about Rachel Berry.

(Although...I want the delicious diva friendship of Rachel & Kurt to progress. The actors play off each other really well and does make sense for them to have a friendship.)

It is impossible for not to write about Glee and not sound super douchey. Sorry. I am utterly irrational about this. Glee is a mixed grab bag that often grabs at crap or worse, takes something I love deeply and fuck it up all to hell and leave me a frothy mixture of rage and RAEG.

Rage is different from RAEG. See, now you've learned something.

I am still kind of bitter about the Rocky Horror episode because I truly hated their rendition of Sweet Transvestite since it's my karaoke jam and I was promised Mike Chang in fishnets. I would have even taken John Stamos in fishnets. Now, Mercedes looked pretty fierce (though I still think the boots were a no) but she shrieked the song which lost a lot of the "fun" to it and that lost me.

Admittedly I am pretty picky about that song. Though maybe I shouldn't complain TOO much since when I sing it to a Supernatural friendly crowd, I usually change the lyric "blonde hair and a tan" to "green eyes and a Sam" (lol get it because I'm talking about DEAN).

Anyways, back to me complaining about Glee ruins everything but most of all my sense of pride that I watch finer television productions. Like...Supernatural. Or Lost Girl. Or Tabitha's Takeover Salon. Clearly I only watch the finest things.

Oh Walking Dead. I miss your zombie riddled show.

So we all know Glee sucks, it's evil, how dare it make money, Ryan Murphy is peeing on everything you love, and also it fails at EVERYTHING. Yes, obviously, it's a questionable show that makes hackneyed attempts at morality while casting truly questionable content and situations without addressing the realities of said content/situations. It overloads on certain characters or storylines and drops plotlines like it's going out of style only to bring them back with a hastily shoved "here's what you missed on Glee reminder" and then manages to fuck it up further.

Cast in point: Rachel/Puck. Which I am not calling Puckleberry. Still pretty annoyed that had Rachel mess around with Puck so that Finn could break up with her and add more MEH-ness to the S2 Rachel/Finn storyline.

I will reach a zen point with Glee just as I reached one with SPN during the ANGST that was S3. It's just taking me a while.

So I knew going in to S2 of Glee that Ryan Murphy frequently ruins his shows by going overboard as I loved Nip/Tuck once upon a time. But the opening episode was just offensively bad. Rachel was my FAVORITE in S1. I liked how unlikeable she could be but I still felt for her because she did want to be a good person, she just lacked ALL of the necessary tools to be awesome save for her amazing talent.

But the racism in the opening ep of S2? No. Could not do. I was done. I skipped the next two episodes (the Britney one and the Grilled Cheesus one) and figured oh well, it was a fun show and I enjoyed having some of the Glee songs on my workout playlists.

But you know: Rocky Horror. I had to at least see that. I wound up watching Duets before it, remembering how Ryan "Trolling You and Laughing About It" Murphy had said over the summer that Kurt was going to get a boyfriend who was on the football team, and tried to see if I could like Sam. Because the intro to Sam that I got in the S2 opener was not positive. Because I fucking hate "Billionaire". That song haunted me during the summer and seemed to be every fucking station when I was driving. Also: did not care for Chord's voice. But maybe that was just autotuning wrecking yet another voice.

Sam is a fan of Avatar. Not the Last Airbender. Well. That's a strike against him. To be honest. I don't even want him with Quinn.

Man, Quinn kind of got fucked over in S2. I'd like more of a story about her besides "wants to be popular FOR REALZ this time" but that's asking too much. Of course.

Here are things I approved of in S1:

- Rachel.
- Finn's slow path to being more of a thoughtful human being.
- Rachel/Finn. (despite my "I ship it in fic" feelings toward Rachel/Puck)
- Will.
- Will/Emma.

Here's what S2 did:

- Can't root for Rachel...unless she's being considerate of others (especially Kurt)
- Shut up, Finn. Thanks for praying for second base instead of your mom's comatose boyfriend
- Pedo!Will, lolololol. Also: stop doing that, Will. Nobody likes a Sam the Eagle muppet face.
- Please stop creeping on Emma, Will. She has STAMOS! now.

So I was out, right? I got to Rocky Horror and despite loving Naya's voice on the opening song, I was out. Whoo hooo I can join the Glee haters who don't watch Glee but hate on everything because if you're cool you gotta hate on Glee GOD I HATE GLEE I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. SHE MAD ME WATCH IT/Jeff Winger - Community.

Then tra la la, I find out that Darren Criss, that delightful fellow who starred in the A Very Potter Musical (which I watched a bit during the summer of "Reg Reads Mark Reads Harry Potter"), is going to do a mini-arc on Glee! Why, I know he can sing, and I approve of them hiring singers on Glee since the autotuning hurts my soul.

Well. I guess I'll give that a watch. And hey, I did kind of enjoy Kurt in the Duets episode and believe me, it took me a lot to accept someone singing Le Jazz Hot who is not named Julie Andrews.

Wait a minute...Never Been Kissed was actually really good. Damn good. Also, I enjoyed a Katy Perry song. What is this.

Could I...like Glee in a non-ironic way?

Nooooo. I was out. I was getting my haterade served in a chilled glass with a little umbrella of seething righteous anger. I was free.

Maybe it was a fluke! Also I was busy preparing for the trip of my DREAMS to Disney World/Universal and right after that, was Thanksgiving with Awkward Family Sad Tiems so I didn't have that much time to obsess.

Did I sing "Going Back to Hogwarts" a lot while at Harry Potter World? Only ignited knows for sure.

But you know, I am on the internet often. And I have eyes. So I began to appreciate Darren Criss's media savvy. (Someone better have given his "people" - managers, agents, etc. - a big freakin' fruit basket this Christmas.) Also, the news that his character on Glee might have gotten an extended welcome.

You know, I really liked Jesse St. James. J. Groff's an amazing singer and did a lot with not a lot of character but the end of Jesse's storyline sucked SO HARD, I kind of can't believe it. There should've been a better way to get him to go back to Vocal Adrenaline. Instead we got egged.

So I know Glee can fail at bringing in a new character that audience likes/loves and RUIN THEM. Could they do that with Blaine? All signs point to duh. But. But.

He can make Glee & Co. money. I don't know about you but I rather like money. Honestly, that Teenage Dream became a hit sort of shocked me and I loved that song (though let me be critical: they got autotune crazy with that one too, it's only Darren and his Mystery Tour of Knowing How to Romance the Media that's really shown off his credible live singing skills). So I think he could stick around.

Until Glee & Co. decide to go a-trolling and fuck with the story. Which they can and probably will do. I am prepared because I watched Nip/Tuck and have seen things go to hell. But hey, Ryan says that Kurt will get a football jock of a boyfriend! Blaine's just a Warbler who loves college football so clearly, he's just going to be another roadblock on Kurt's romantic journey.

Also, Kurt's storyline has taken over Glee. Also, too much gay. Also, Saint!Kurt.

Hey: also, shut up. Glee sucks at managing storylines evenly. Chris Colfer is racking up award nominations, Glee & Co. notices that along with money. The actors who get nominated usually have a good shot of getting more since the creative team has the confidence that they can carry a season arc. It's not rocket science. It's tv/film production.

Actually I'm totally lying. It is rocket science. Kurt Hummel is cold fusion.

I may have mixed up my sciences there.

Yeah, I'm digging Kurt/Blaine and yes, I'd like to see a relationship between two gay characters that isn't all about the secrets and despair and traaaaaaagedy. If that makes me icky in the eyes of How to Properly Hate Glee, well I've already failed that since i admit I willingly listen to Glee covers when I workout. Clearly I am unworthy of fandom elite.

Because I have hope that the second half of Glee's second season might be decent and that Kurt/Blaine happening might help me ignore the glaring crappitude of Glee's usual shtick.

Though let's all be honest. Cards on the table.

There's no way New Directions should have tied with the Warblers as they failed to have the iconic "lift" in "Time of Your Life".

Calling bullshit on that forever.

And isn't that why we watch and/or hate on Glee? To call out on its bullshit.

Oh no. Wait. Perhaps it's for moments like when a boy sings to another boy or duets with him and it's treated with actual sincerity even though inside you might be begging "JUST KISS ALREADY AGIOJSFIOJGKEYSMASHDAMNYOUGLEE".

So that's what I missed on Glee.
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