I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

challenge me because I'm never out of terrible ideas

I have been very good at forcing myself not to write. I only wrote like a two sentence drabble for a community fic fest for New Year's Eve, and I haven't opened up any word documents of stories that could easily be finished if I just rounded out an ending (lol ~rimshot~ since I just need to write the orgasm). I should take pride in that.

But. I need to get over this thing that's been eating me for like, two years now. I need to put on my fancy pants and get back into the fic writing game.

So. I offer the velvet glove slap of you, my flist, to slap me back into reality. Give me a prompt and pairing (you can also specify gen) and I will write a one sentence or drabble, depending on how I can make words happen.

I need this. Go make me write things. I used to be decent at it. I wanna be good at it.

Any fandom is fine but if I have no idea about the fandom, I'll ask you to re-prompt me.

This will be really fun since I can only see out of one eye today. But I want to do this for the good of breaking off my "wah I don't write anymore" tantrum.

I'll start with my own prompt because this is my livejournal and where we're' going we don't need RULES:

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, 'Tis a Silly Place

"I'm going to go to hell 'cause I made a deal with a demon to bring you back to life which makes me utterly broken and a functioning alcoholic, I get screwed around with by angels until they decide to get our long lost brother to play vessel to the archangel Michael and you're gonna drink demon blood to power up only that path leads to Lucifer getting freed from his cell, then you're gonna get possessed by Lucifer and get shoved into his prison in order to save the world dand finally come back as a soulless version who doesn't sleep? And I stop driving the Impala while living the suburbs?"

"You know what, Dean? Let's not fight the metaphysical forces of heaven and hell and just go back to saving people--"

"And hunting things? Already on it. Hey you wanna make out?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

and that's how nothing bad ever happened to the Winchesters ever. The end.
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