I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

state of reg when walken in a winter wonderland in sneakers (best idea ever)

Best news so far today is that Phelous has updated his Silent Hill Let's Play. Fuck yeah. His Canadian rage is so endearing.

Did you know I make excellent decisions in the morning? Like how I actually debated about wearing my snowboots, had time to change into them and then decided to go with my sneakers DESPITE having the thought to switch into better footwear. I AM SO SMRT. It's still snowing and all I can hope is that the snow won't stick by the end of the day because it will be most unpleasant.

Um, I signed up for salt_burn_porn. I am excite? Hopefully I will not be called at an unfortunate time in February seeing as I'll be away the weekend before my mom's birthday and that I might be busy with other birthday plans (me, since I want to do a big birthday blowout of much celebrations, as you do).

But still: Sam/Dean porn, I will make it so! I miss writing them sometimes. Those codependent, freakishly emotional-yet-manfully-hiding-their-tears adorable idiots.

Ain't no plan like a Winchester plan, amirite?

Sure there's other fic I want to write (okay there's a bit of Kurt/Blaine porn I need to finish before ignited strangles me because I get off on withholding) but I always hold a place in my heart for the Boys.

Don't tell anyone I have a heart.

In RL news, I feel like the worst slacker ever. I did do a little bit of housekeeping while I was sick on Wednesday but still, I know I need to reorganize my room like whoa. The top of my dresser is now a hazard as there is so much stuff piled up on it. Debating if watching an episode of Hoarders will get me into an organizational mood or if the fascipulsination will drive me into the darkest horror imaginable.

I'm pretty sure there's a hoarding family in my neighborhood. The house has piles of junk oozing out of its back porch (it's on a corner street) and the only decoration on the front door is a Pataki sticker. It also has an unpleasant stench when I walk by it (as I must since it's on the way to the laundromat) that reeks of hoarding nightmares.

When I was a kid, there was a house on my walk to and from school that had a couple of abandoned cars (one notably a VW van) and the house looked sad behind the many trees obscuring it from streetview. Totally a hoarder household. It's kind of unsettling, like the sadness radiates out from the houses.

Man I think just remembering about that house makes me want to run home and start working on my bedroom. There's got to be some stuff I can toss out immediately. *shudders*
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