I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

I bite my first back and forth

Today has been A Day. Let's not talk about the MTA deciding that no, one does not need trains to get to one's job. Got into work at after 10:30am this morning. Left late, too late to even be up for eating dinner by the time i got home. Like a boss.

My stomach hurts now. I will ignore it as it's too late to try to fix that.

UM. Let me say that I am going to lie down until I make my mind stop thinking about how I want to talk about how I'm actually okay with a "slow-burn" type of relationship so long as it's not shoddily written because I have a ridiculous "Glee's Kurt/Blaine makes me feel like how I did back when Farscape's John/Aeryn were slowly getting together and it makes me FEEL FEELINGS and did I mention how I totally printed out the first SPOILERY image of J/A kissing in the S2 finale because OMG SQUEE FATED TO BE lol j/k John was possessed at the time and then he'll kill her, sorry but that was over ten years ago OH MY GOD I'M OLD why do I feel these things all over again?"

If Kurt isn't possessed by a neural clone of his enemy then clearly, Glee sucks at everything. Also there should be CGI spacecraft fights. On a musical comedy. Yep.

Speaking of things that are awesome, Community!

Jeff. Annie. The writers tease it so. But Jeff running and giving The Romantic Comedy Leading Man speech to Dr. Do-Gooder was so, so perfect.

He would.

Also, Annie, you are awesome. Never forget that.

Everyone else is awesome. Abed faking being a broken robot. All things Troy. Chang-ing up the place.

"My dad got me this sweater."

That's a pretty sweet sweater, bro. Even though it doesn't have a cat on it.

Oh Community, I will always want MOAR.

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