I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

life's a drag, honey

So the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race kicked off last night! And I caught up with it the day after. Will wonders never cease?

FYI it's available on logo's website, so. Convenience!

I'm exhausted or I'd really ramble about this. Anyway, great challenge but I am going to punch an adorable stuffed animal if any else cries over not being able to sew. No. You've had two seasons happen already. Sewing is a part of the challenge, just like having a good celebrity impression or being able to handle a strange photoshoot. Stop whining. Get some basic skills, know how to at least make it work.

I think one of the Puerto Rican queens is a stealth bitch and I don't really care for the other one. Dammit. I've loved rooting for the other PR dolls although Nina Flowers will forever be my #1. ♥

Which brings me to a not-so-startling conclusion: I like the queens that play with genderfuck and have a good sense of comedy about it.

So when Raja did that snow angel on the runway...well. I liked that. And hey, she survived Miss Tyra Banks of the SMIZE. Clearly she knows her stuff. So yeah. Early favorite. DID I MENTION THE FIERCE AS FUCK GENDERFUCK ENTRANCE OUTFIT? Dug it. A drag queen pulling off anything pants-related gets major points.

Two of the "big girl" queens seem to be pretty cool. Mimi...not so much. Clearly she's going to work all angles to stay in the competition but omg, stop freaking out. I was surprised Mariah helped out since Mariah seemed to be kind of obnoxious and definitely gives off annoying soundbites.

Poor Shangela. She's got a great sense of humor but her look is just not all there. And I think she STILL is the least experienced of the group. Sigh.

Manila is cute (too much white foundation on the forehead though) and very striking when out of drag (black/white Cruella De Ville can look hot apparently). I love that she's got Sahara Davenport's picture in her sketchbook. Aww.

So..as long as Raja doesn't reveal herself to be totally evil and some of the bitter, basic queens get rightfully told to sashay away, I am hopeful for this season.

If there's another Tyra Sanchez winner...I will be less than pleased.
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