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I was a taller girl too, once.

off with my head (& glee)

My body continues to stage protests against, IDK, man, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll stop doing it, I swear, please, I cannot take any more of this. I'm losing my voice. Good thing I didn't make plans to do karaoke on Saturday. FML.

I'm forcing myself to drink herbal tea which I had so fucking much when I'm feeling sick but I do it because it does help but, ugh. Tea. I like tea parties; not tea.

Anyways, to sports, a topic most of my flist does not care about. Honestly, I was more rooting against the Steelers than rooting for the Packers but it was a sweet, sweet thing to see the Steelers lose in such a way. It was a good game and hey, that's better than an embarrassing blowout or a tense killer of a game where my sworn enemy (of the day) gets to win on a bullshit call. Ahem.

I had a great time over at raelala's place wherein we had a nice spread of things that are totally excellent to eat...oh god, does my body hate the bacon-wrapped potatoes I made? Noooooooooooo. I also had a lot of salad, damn you.

Oh and yeah, we totally watched Glee.

- Yeah, still hate "California Girls" and like Sue, I was very unimpressed by the number. Was there any actual cheerleading on display? Unlike the kickass "Ray of Light" number done in the first season, there was no cheerleading at all. Very lame.

- Sometimes I almost remember why I liked Finn and then he offers to invite Karofsky to join glee so long as he drives up to Dalton and apologize to Kurt...while Finn KNOWS Karofsky threatened to kill Kurt. That's a little more than a simple "I'm sorry" dude and yes, I get that Finn doesn't realize the OTHER side of the harassment, but still.

Honestly, I think Max Adler is doing a fantastic job with Karofsky and I think doing wonderfully with such a self-hating, angry character while dealing with Glee's crazy inconsistent writing is a BLESSING for this show, it's treading on some major DNW lines for me. Like, I understand the ~redemption~ is going to be pursued (based merely off of non-spoilery interviews and this episode) but man, this is where Glee needs to tread carefully.

Perhaps it's personal issues, y'know? I've experienced some hardcore bullying and there'd be moments where the bullying was almost sexual in nature and it didn't make me want to fall in the arms of my bullies, it just made me feel all the worse. So like, if the Karofsky redemption winds up having a Kurt/Karofsky element to it, I am reserving my opportunity to judge mightily at that fuckery.

And I fucking love antagonistic relationships so it's not like I'm demanding that there be only relationships borne out of idealistic situations. I'm saying, goddamn, if Glee goes that route after how they portrayed Kurt as being in fucking terror of Karofsky, that is all kinds of fucked up.

Moving on to better things: Mike Chang.

Always Mike Chang, you guys. Best zombie, boyfriend, and dancer ever? I THINK SO.

I like that it took freakin' Blaine to point out that they could just get a few more players in order to have the football team play. The football coach with the championship rings of course, needed Will's help in recruiting as well.


- Let us acknowledge that even with that lapse in judgment, Bieste is still the best educator at that school. Her mouthing along to the Rachel/Puck duet of "Need You Now" was amazing. Never change, Bieste. Just stop listening so much to Will.

- Back to the coffee scene of intense amusement: Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel, & Blaine. I loved that Rachel directed her "I could make Finn feel better" spiel to Blaine mostly because a) Blaine is the least likely to be dismissive of her and b) I bet Rachel has dreamed of the day to have her very own Gay, just like Mercedes & Kurt. Obviously she'll have Blaine become her bestie, get back together with Finn and they'll go on double dates FOREVER. It's perfect Berry logic. Kurt's awesome "let it go, Rachel" was just...perfection really.

- "Warm milk? Really?" "It's delicious!" So much adorable in just a couple of lines. Boys. You're going to mess with me so much until you get together next Sweeps season (May) as the laws of television demand.

- I cannot be impartial on this matter. Bills, Bills, Bills is a fucking delight. When Ryan Murray advises you to be more drag queen, Darren Criss will GIVE you drag queen.

- Obvs. Blaine jumping on furniture is a cry for help as he's so sad about being short.

- Thank god, they aren't attempting to hide Kurt & Blaine's obvious height difference. Blaine's suave cool GQ attitude is more hilarious when you notice what a short dude he really is. Also Blaine nomming on food throughout the conversation: I was charmed. Fuck, I'm easy.

- Going back to BBBs, oh yeah, it totally came out of left field. OH GLEE. You are so bad sometimes at making your musical numbers make sense.

- Thrilller/Heads Will Roll: I enjoyed! But I'm not like crazy obsessive about the SONG Thriller. The music video, yes. But the song has never been my OMG DON'T FUCK IT UP Michael Jackson song. (That song is Billie Jean. Don't front, that's a goddamn classic.)

- Naya's voice is so suited to pop/rock and I love hearing it. More please.

Verdict: not OMG the best ever Glee ep, but not the worst either. I still have no idea who Sam is (he changes ever so much, episode to episode), Finn is frustrating and at times, AWFUL, oh god, Quinn, stay away from Finn, I like you when you get to act, not when you're stuck in romance triangles, Mike Chang for Student Body President, coffee meetings forever, don't ever listen to Will and in conclusion:

Be more drag queen.


I will now wait for tomorrow's Glee episode, which I am sure will leave the internet in a howl of fury after it airs. However, I will enjoy it because I have previewed the most douchey musical performance in the show's history. OH GOD. It's full of stars. *_*
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