I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

and I walked, I walked so far away

The internet is being my TV for the Oscars. It's actually pretty entertaining reading my twitter.

Yes I'm being extra lazy and not getting out of my bed. Look, I walked all over lower Manhattan today, I have earned my laziness.

Me and fourfreedoms totally rocked in wandering over the city. I took a walking tour of the lower east side before we met up for brunch and then we walked around for tea and delightful treat shopping purchases. We are the best. Also there was some necessary Sephora shopping and I"m gonna try out my new Cherry shade from Urban Decay tomorrow. It's so shiny and pretty. Totally was ready to fall asleep by the time we hit the Chelsea Market which was unreasonably hot (why did they have the heat lamps on?) and far too crowded.

I also just realized that as of today, I have only eaten brunch (delightful spaghetti cabornara, very peppery and tasty) and two Jacques Torres cookies. GOOD JOB, SELF.

I have acquired Tim Tams. Ugh, I'm getting a salad tomorrow during my lunch hour tomorrow. Must make up for all this chocolate intake.

Still editing fic. Wish action scenes came easier to me because holy run on sentence, Batman, it's harder to not stab Blaine than you think.
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