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I was a taller girl too, once.

Glee: Sexy or how Kurt Hummel is living La Vida Awkward and Santana Astounds Me

Let's kick off with the criticism.

Glee is so goddamn fucking flawed when it comes to female sexuality that I can't even muster up anything but incoherent rage. You are either a virgin or "used up" (as Holly refers to herself). I don't believe this and I'm troubled by it.

Emma has severe issues NOT ONLY ABOUT WILL if she hasn't been able to have sex with John Stamos (yes I know his character's name is Carl but he's STAMOS), after being married for months.

The adult storylines kind of sucked. "Kiss" was not a good number. Don't ever sing like that again, Matt Morrison, or I'll revoke "best male singer" and award it to Darren Criss, who despite not having the natural talent, classic tenor, or technique, has been putting out extremely pleasing songs this season. Oh god, sing better songs, Morrison, I believe in you.

(Not dissing Criss, fyi. He's admitted his singing weaknesses, specifically not being a classic tenor.)

I don't believe in Will as an awesome teacher. I think the show believes that though, which is annoying.

In her one scene, Coach Bieste showed she is awesome and you are not.

Best "oh god this is about SEX?" reaction to "Afternoon Delight" is still from Arrested Development, but Glee came close. Wholesome and about having a midday pie break? Oh Emma. You need help.

To the things I enjoyed!

Lauren & Puck. It works. It really, really works. Damn.

Landslide, for what it meant in the show, was really fucking well done. I yearned to hear Naya's voice but I understood why she wasn't singing lead/second lead on it and goddamn, you guys? They went there.

Look, I get why people don't care about it or simplify it as "yet another problematic story about female bisexuality" but I don't think I've ever seen that before. The bisexual/questioning female characters always fall in love with guys and their female love interests get shunted off to the side. Fears of what will happen if they're open in their desires - no, it's always played in a "yeah chicks making out - HOT" - yet here Santana confesses that she's terrified of the (likely) outcome that she'll be singled out for wanting to be with another woman, in a real way, a relationship.

For me, I've taken Santana as an agent of chaos. She can move the usual Glee clusterfuck of relationship drama into exciting areas. She's so angry and lashes out and for her to come to the realization that a big factor of her anger is rooted in her fears of her own attractions and love was a shockingly amazing turn of events.

Naya's been killing it this season. No question. No way for me to accept criticism of her. She is flawless and made Santana more than Quinn's hench-cheerleader, she's truly become so much more.

And the one time that Santana finally does keep it real, she gets her heart broken.

Well. Damn.

I understand why Brittany said what she did (Brittany's ditziness is a whole 'nother topic I'm not gonna touch at this moment) but goddamn, my heart broke for Santana. She can't win.

I'm happy where Glee took this, though, like, you can't even believe. We don't get stories about queer girls being in love with girls quite like this. At least, I haven't found one yet.

The first/only person Santana loves is another woman. I can't help but be stunned that she acknowledged it. Well played, Glee.

Where was I?

Oh yeah Kurt Hummel Appreciation for Life.

What do I hate about teen romances (well, almost all romances) on TV? The overuse of "triangles" to further the OTP. Which is why I just roll my eyes when I see people going "but I really want Kurt to date someone else and THEN Blaine to realize he loves him!"

Dude. Dude. I'm okay with that done in the fic world, where it can be resolved by fun porn times. But have you see what happens on TV? It is annoying, overly drawn-out and can totally fuck over the original chemistry of the pairing.

You know what's refreshing? Actual issues NOT involving someone else having the hots for the poor neglected pining character. Kurt's sexual hang ups/refusal to EDUCATE himself, that's a problem. He feels uncomfortable being overly sexual isn't necessarily something he has to fix - after all, Blaine's whole deal/issue is that he's a natural flirt/has sexual charm when he performs, leading him to fail at romancing people because he comes on too strong without realizing the emotional consequences.

Kurt refuses to let himself think about the sexual consequences. Hoo boy, that's actually something he needs to deal with. And it makes sense. He called making out with Britney "sexual relations" (um, no), and clearly, he and Burt never had The Talk.

I thought the important/telling part of Professor Burt Hummel's Intro to Sex Ed was that Kurt needs to believe he's worth something. Kurt's gone through the wringer this season (and last season too), but considering Karofsky's bullying, how the hell wouldn't that already fuck up Kurt's mental state regarding his own sexual nature? He needed a good kick in the pants that he DOES need to be aware even if he isn't ready.

I'm okay with that kind of choosing to stay a virgin mentality. Because Kurt isn't ready. He thinks hand-holding in musicals is as good as it gets. (Someone send Kurt some more risque musicals, thanks.)

And Blaine tried to talk about it and was shut down hard. Partly because dear sweet Blaine, Kurt really doesn't want to know your own gritty sexual details (still think Blaine's lack of boyfriend and his whole "I LEARNED THAT THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN...I mean, sex ed" means he's still a virgin too but whatever Glee wants to do with him they will). I love Blaine. I love Kurt. I love their flawed selves and I love their friendship.

While I'd love to see Kurt/Blaine happen, I'm really digging their friendship.

Blaine saying sexified? Oh sweet lord. You're such a fucking dork.

I do like that Kurt did not buy what Sue was trying to do but Blaine totally bought it. Kurt seems to be the only one who can't be tricked by Sue...in this episode at least.

In conclusion, watch out boys.

"You've made a powerful enema."

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