I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

in which I plot world domination, one slacker activity at a time.

You know what was the best part of Brendan Fraser's appearances on Scrubs was? How freaking attractive he looked. Oh Brendan. Now you're immortalized as a hilarious clapping!fail gif.

Yesterday ignited swung by my apartment and I made her finish out her Farscape viewing with The Peacekeeper Wars. Tissues were needed, yes I fully admit I too partook of tissue usage, for lo, it has been a long time since I watched the miniseries and eventually all the deaths add up to something with the Saddest Death Ever. TEARS FOR ~YEARS~

Now that I've ruined Stef's hopes and dreams, I long to ruin my own by finally getting around to finishing off some shows that I've been meaning to watch but still haven't seen. Glee has a month-long hiatus after tomorrow's episode and while that gives me time to like, write fic or something, I shall spend that time with TV. My life choices are excellent, how dare you suggest otherwise.

Things I Need to See

Doctor Who - Eleven's First Series

- I should probably just ask elrina753, but if anyone could advise me on the best way to watch the show it would be a huge help. I think I want to watch it in blocks of 2 to 3 eps a night instead of just overdosing on it over a weekend. I don't know what episodes are two parters and what's fine to "end" a night with, so please, help a poor kid trying to get back to her old Doctor Who watching ways.

Being Human (UK) Season Three

- It's going to break my heart, isn't it? This I will totally marathon on a lazy weekend day since its seasons are so short. Only eight eps, right?

Things I Might Want to See

Band of Brothers

- Yes, I still haven't seen it. Convince me how important it is to watch it. Remember, I love Generation Kill so I'm not averse to war-heavy shows.

The Wire

- I really do need to get an idea of how much of a drain it'll be to watch this. Can you stop after a certain season? I heard the last one shifted focus on the main set of characters. Convince me to watch this since it would be a huge investment of my time but I have always been meaning to see this show.


I just wrote out a short list of fic I should write for the next month and a half. Besides a certain series that I've had in my head since November (and kicks off with a SUPER classy title, lol how I do love a pun), I might want to sign up for Kurt/Blaine big bang to write a gigantic, angsty as all fuck fic set in New York that is like, my opus on how much I hate it when people use New York in a story and completely miss out that it's the people/characters that make the experience of NYC come alive and not the city, for no, it is not a magical beacon of romantic dalliances.

The working title is probably my meanest title yet so I'd have to get a new one and since I already banged out 3K just for the beginning, I can easily write 15K. Still don't know if I want to end the story "and they live happily ever after" since a certain character is SUCH AN ASS and doesn't really deserve the "and love wins out in the end". Can I pull this off? When have I ever been good at doing that?

It makes me think meta thoughts about fic - about how whether it's the author's bias coloring the story or if it's earned in the story. Because if I just shoved my agenda in it, I'd leave it with Kurt being older and wiser, and just a touch more brittle, and Blaine reeling from self-revelations that he's been too blind to acknowledge for years, AKA, oh man, he'd be so fucked up and broken. The story is basically been written to the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, if that gives you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish. I dunno. I love the concept but I hate even thinking that I'm not being honest with the characters. Can I just write about Kurt interacting with douchey New York hipsters, going to the Halloween parade and totally being okay with being forever alone? No, I can't, because Blaine is totally, stupidly in love with him, ugh, way to fail at my machinations, Blaine Warbler.

You see, I talk out these issues so that I'll turn around and write some cracky stuff. Coach Roth might an inglorious return to substitute coaching. Or a certain charming lead of an all-boys acapella choir might just wake up one day as a girl and shenanigans ensue. There's no telling what I'll write come hiatus-time.

Plus I've got prompts for other fandoms to write and oh, how I want to take a crack at them. Look at me being all interested in shit.

This is opposed to being interesting and shit, since I'm sure I've bored you quite enough. Maybe tomorrow is time enough for one of my Very Important Polls. I've got a fever and no cowbell, so you know what that means. (Do you know what it means? I'm so lost.)
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