I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

"fat. who cares? syphilis!" and that's how you read a room a la Raja

With the phone calls I have to make tonight, I am planning on getting so fly like a person who partakes of enough alcohol that causes them to get slightly tipsy.

I must remember to eat beforehand. *nods*

So, I posted fic last night, a story that I hadn't planned on writing until around 3pm yesterday when I scribbled down a random line in a notebook and then I banged out 3K, dithered around when I got home and didn't edit it until 11pm at night, posting it around 1 or 2am (I can't even remember).

I make the best worst mistakes. But I like the story. I don't like that I woke up at 8:20am thinking I had plenty of time to get into work on time. A loser is me.

Now let's talk about fabulous drag queens, bitches.

I hate everything you choose to be, Shangela. STOP FUCKING SMIRKING.

Alexis's win makes sense with the parameters of the challenge, but I don't really like her.

Carmen shocked me when she delivered a fierce lip-sync. Her other fails did not surprise me. Oh girl. You're dumb as pie and sweet as the New Jersey Turnpike.

Yara is so fucking pretty, I just can't even. So happy she finally saw the light of Shangela's sham. Hopefully it sticks.

Manila's routine was pretty bad but I loved her runway. Thoroughly Modern Millionaire. &hearts_♥

RAJA. Just. Keep being you. The comment about wanting to get some sweet, sweet Johnny Weir action? Priceless.

Okay, as a half Puerto Rican, I was totally annoyed by Alexis's (and to a lesser extent, Yara's) comments to Carmen about being authentically Puerto Rican.

Note: I wasn't insulted, since I've heard similar things, especially from island born and raised Puerto Ricans. It's a really odd thing about being Puerto Rican and not from the island: we carry a lot of the cultural traditions but the move to America (mostly in the New York & Jersey regions) really did remove us from parts of our heritage that we can't get back. Language is a huge one, almost none of my dad's generation grew up bilingual, so how the hell could that have been passed onto to me?

It's weird to emphasize with Carmen, heh.

Like, people get SHOCKED that I know how to make pasteles from scratch and that I don't cheat any of it. Girl, my white mom (Irish/English, totes American) mastered our family's recipe and we get regular demands from Puerto Rican friends of our family for our batches. (*LOL that so sounds like BUT I HAVE A PUERTO RICAN FRIEND! And I do, but still, hee.)

But yeah, that attitude right there? I've seen it so much. Ugh, stop denying someone else's background because they're not "enough" to your liking.

And now let me turn that on to Ms. Shangela and Alexis and kindly asks them to shut the fuck up forever for them dogging on Manila for daring to make un-PC Asian jokes/representing herself as Asian. Her mother's Filipina, her drag name is MANILA LUZON, stop trying to come at her from that angle.

"What are pineapples Japanese?"

Ugh. Go away.

Manila, stop overthinking your comedy bits. The Austin Powers fembot bra design was genius, your runway was fabulous. Keep on keeping on.
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