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this is your universe on wormholes

So. My brain's been pretty much a non-stop GIF explosion of happy, happy thoughts, exclamation points, and possibly heart-shaped hearts.

Which is why I'm glad I now actually use Tumblr because I don't think any of you guys would respect me in the morning. Now that it's the afternoon, it's time for delightful scorn. And pie. For there is always room for pie.

There is one easy way for me to realize that I've fallen in too deep. That way is called "How Reg Makes Everything About Farscape Because It's Her Favorite Show." I did it with Supernatural - Dean Winchester's constant joke-cracking, plans that always went to shit, and well, general appeal for me screamed "omg it's like I get to see a John Crichton-esque character all over again. I hope fate kicks him in the pain bone." (It did, oh boy, Dean Winchester's life has only sucked a little less than John's.)

(I think John Crichton & Dean might be equal when it comes to onscreen deaths.)

What is the appeal of John Crichton, no one asks? Well, despite being competent in several areas (John is actually a very smart and talented scientist, as per the show's canon and can pick up on alien tech decently even before getting wormhole technology implanted into his brain), John screws up, a lot. His plans never seem to work and it became a running joke (more to fans than on the show, though other character comment about what plan # they're on) that if John says "trust me" to any character, someone's going to die horribly and shit will be fucked up.

Trust me, this will work. = whoops, actually caused a genocide in the past and now the timeline's closed so I can't ever fix it.

He doesn't Cool Guys Walk Away From Explosions these moments either. Farscape let Crichton feel the weight of the universe (+ all of time/potential universes) on his shoulders as the stakes got bigger and bigger.

Not to say that all the characters I fall hard for are as fucked up as John Crichton. It's just elements of that type of character that perk my interest, perhaps? Pop culture junkies who are secretly super emotional fools for love, who are all just looking for a way home. Because John's story is the Wizard of Oz, only through in a lot of crazy shit blowing up.

John also was the second half of my OTP - John/Aeryn. I loved them both so fucking hard when I was watching Farscape, like an original gangsta, live, no DVDs for me, I was 16 and sitting on the edge of my bed, freaked out at what was going to happen next. I didn't freak out during the episode where they first kissed. Now when they finally slept together? Oh shit, yo. It got real and they cut out the post-sex scene for the US audiences.

He was the one who confronted their obvious feelings for each other, he went to this badass warrior and told her basically, you can be more, you're my one constant (OH and Ben Browder AKA the actor playing Crichton, wrote that fucking line and delivered one of the most relationship-heavy episodes of the entire series), LET'S TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS, and I must restrain myself from getting the vapors. So I like it when a character takes that terrifying leap and stops bullshitting around and goes for it.

Also also also. He and Aeryn, even when they were not officially a couple (and I am not getting into that mess, oh sci-fi shows with your tricky storylines), were always touching each other, which the actors totally admit they did on purpose and to mess with the sexual tension.

So. Physical contact. Emotional connections/opening up to each other. Tensions created by awkward attraction moments. ("I just thought...maybe you and me. Once." - Aeryn to John, early S1 after she walks in on him macking on a hot Peacekeeper lady.)

Fail!moments. Dorkiness. Perhaps a willingness to dance and/or make an idiot out of himself. Always the leader for no actual reason (you have to watch Farscape to get how truly hilarious that one is, since John is actually weaker than his fellow shipmates).

Easy on the eyes don't hurt either.

And the actor is totally geeky and has a great laugh and FUCK. OH FUCK.

I just Farscape'd myself into falling for Blaine Fucking Anderson. COME ON.

Duh, I've liked him for a long time, even loved a lot of his scenes, or otherwise I would be writing fic and well, possibly abusing my Tumblr rights. But this week, this fucking week, with the episode "Original Songs", it hit me hard.

IDK you guys. I might be stuck like this forever. Fannish bliss. At least until the next Glee episode airs, heh.

(No, I won't. Shipping John/Aeryn taught me fucking patience like a goddamn saint. You think waiting for Kurt & Blaine to kiss was hard? Try watching John and Aeryn agree to break up over a coin toss, and EIGHT MONTH LONG HIATUSES, THAT'S HARD.)

(Or cliffhanger surprise series finales that aren't resolved until a few years later when fan campaigns helped the Henson company get financing for a miniseries to wrap up the story.)

(Not that I'm bitter, I'm actually zen about it.)

Not gonna ramble about Blaine and Glee at the moment since I've aware of a lot of spoilers, I'll just say, he is my John Crichton and that means I want the best things for him.

Alas, I doubt he can pull of John Crichton's leather pants, but truly, who can?

[You guys, this is the most coherent I've been in days. Pray for me.]

Last note: this icon speaks to my soul. I do not give a fuck about love triangles. Come on. Make conflicts happen due to circumstances, personality clashes (Glee has a possible one set up if they execute it properly...sorry I just burst out laughing), and well, the characters making mistakes. Which are good.

I do love it when someone always makes the best mistakes.

Most romantic exchange ever, y/y:

Aeryn: "You've ruined my life."
John: "I know."
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