I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

girls, for your next challenge, I want you to tell Shangela she sucks


Let's talk about keeping it real. And resting on pretty.

Bless Manila for saying, "she looked like Mystique Country Queen" when she saw the hot mess raggedy Shangela was putting together. I loved her disco look and routine. Plus it was pretty fair to decide who gets to pick the song style based on the order of elimination from the musical chairs game.

Yara's body is ridiculous. Damn, girl. Too bad about that singing. I'm so happy she's not wearing the blue contacts lately. Were it nor for her SICK body, I think her eyes are her most attractive feature. Yara #cangetit, as a boy or a drag queen.

Do not care about Alexis trying to make her catch phrase happen or about her fake titties. I'm with Michelle Visage on this one - stop relying on fake boobs for realness. Ugh.

Good lord, Carmen is dumb. She isn't resting on pretty, she's only pretty. And like, I'm sure she'd be very enjoyable at a drag club and for sure she's making those coins, honey. Just, there's not much going on in that brain. I think Ru nailed it by asking her "is there a five second delay?" during the mini-challenge. Five seconds is a little kind, Miss Ru.

Raja was so fucking flawless. She did punk well and also made it super glam too. The glittery skeleton arm? What else does she have hidden away in her suitcases?

I save the worst for last:

Fuck you, Shangela. Your wig was hideous, that chopped up dress was sad, and for all you bragged about finally getting to be judged on performance and not look, you were in the bottom two for failing to perform well.

Stop thinking you're a mastermind and no, you aren't gonna cut me off after all I'm keeping it real.

I'm mad that neither she or Carmen did all that well lip-syncing to Believe, which is one of the draggiest songs ever. Shameful.
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