I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

a little bit of life ruining, dash of bowling, side of swearing.

Greetings from a livejournal consumer who wants to share with you exciting information for your daily life.

- ♥ @ deirdre_c. Everyone else can wait their turn.

- Saturday was a day of delightful peach vodka -tinis, a decent waffle and terribly burnt bacon, finished off with bowling. You will not be surprised that my chosen bowling name was DCriss and my other half, ignited bowled under the identity of Tron Hardy. She needed to go deeper.

The first game was accomplished without the gutter bumpers, and i wound up with a high of like, 25. I am awesome. We didn't get to finish the second game but I actually bowled a few spares, so hell yeah bumpers, you make me look what I know I'm doing.

Best part of the night was when Stef threw too hard and the bowling ball actually bounced and went into the lane next to us just as the pins were being set down for the second attempt and Stef actually gave the guy a spare. He was very excited by it, hee. It was very cute.

It rained so fucking much on Saturday,

- I finally saw Tron Legacy Sunday morning since Stef brought it over. Wow. Did not like it. Very pretty, very cool soundtrack, but I liked Sam the best as far as all the other characters since everyone else bugged. Except for Tron. WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE MOVIE MORE. Just sayin'.

- Have finished Doctor Who Ninth Doctor rewatch with loony_moony. NINE. I love you best. We gently booshed as we made our way through the last five episodes (intro to Captain Jack Harkness is an important moment for any fangirl).

Tenth Doctor is next once there is time. Wait your turn.

- Enormous Glee spoilers were leaked over the weekend (I am not discussing them, please don't leave spoilery comments). Shit went down in Glee fandom. I wished I enjoyed popcorn as I would be nomming it.

- Darren Criss ruined my life by deciding to wander around Coachella wearing board shorts, flip flops, and oh, a shirt turban on his head. AS YOU DO.

Did I mention he was covered in paint and at some point apparently got his finger and toenails painted? He's that fucking guy at an outdoor concert/festival. I can't.

- I have 2K of fic in progress. It will be over 4K easy by the time I'm done with it. Motherfucker.

A word on Game of Thrones:

I haven't read the series at all, I am not currently planning on reading it, and I would love it if, when I finally start watching it (I'm saving it for this weekend), I don't get spoiled for upcoming events.

Like, while I know basic details (lol Sean Bean got cast, good luck not dying, buddy), I really don't want to know, you know? If I do post episode reaction posts, please don't come in and tell me what the book does versus the show unless I ask.

(got spoiled for Walking Dead = still bitter)

In conclusion, drvsilla should write things. Especially if I get to choose my own adventure.
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