I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

high on klainebows tbh

Felt like death this morning and called in sick. Found a cat curled up against my back when I passed out for some much needed morning sleep. Taylor is such a needy bitch and then he slept on my pillow. Bastard.

Managed to do all the laundry - all of it- today and am not looking forward to re-organzing my closet tomorrow. Oh man I need to get ready for spring wear - it's time to retire the sweaters.

I bought some pretty damn comfy flip flops earlier this month and will probably be wearing them so much this summer unless someone tells me off for being That Girl.

Watched Glee yesterday. Bitter than a spoiler for a song (One Night in Bangkok) didn't happen. Would have been a hilarious moment. Today was a much better day as far as stuff I actually care about on Glee.

Except Mike Chang was flawless in Night of Neglect. That's not a spoiler. That's just a fact.

Remember when I was writing stuff? Yeah, me neither. I think I'm gonna try to bust out a short drabble thing or something to get keyed back into my groove. That doesn't even make sense. I can't make words. Ugh. Must fight against inability to write.
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