I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

improving over missing my subway stop and almost waking up in union square would be great

And the hits keep coming.

At some point yesterday, I hurt my foot and had to bandage up this morning. Now if my big toe touches the side of my shoe, I am in agony.

I have a headache.

I took a broken umbrella with me to fend off the rainy May day. I will have to carry said umbrella if it keeps raining tonight since I'm going to Terminal 5 to see Freelance Whales.

Here's hoping that a decent concert will make all my current aggravations go away.

Other than that, how am I? Okay I guess. Going home for Mother's Day weekend, hopefully I can sneak in a viewing of Thor at some point, and idk, get my shit together and do some laundry. Exciting stuff, that.

Oh, I watched Glee last night.

- Wow, I don't fucking care about your life, Will Schuester. Cheno was wasted in his stupid, pointless storyline. You know why you never "made" it to Broadway, dude? Because you never fucking tried and all signs pointed to you loving being a teacher. I hate you the way Sue used to hate you in S1.

- Sue's S2 stuff has been so aimless.

- Gosh, I don't know who is more annoying in the triangle of oh my god, we've been dealing with this "love" triangle since the pilot episode: Finn, Quinn, or Rachel.

- Sam CAN be interesting! His line deliveries irk me but his scene in the motel was well done. Please stop trying to make Sam a Finn-lite. He's more interesting as a kid dealing with poverty and the bullshit of high school.

- Kurt gives away clothes, no1currs about Rachel thinking he's cheating on Blaine (because honey, he's hitting that fine piece up, down and all around) and judges everyone in New Directions immensely. Love you.

- Mike Chang has an impressive penis. Duh. Also Mike Chang's face wins all the things, when his dancing isn't winning.

- Lord Tubbington is an engaging interview guest.

- Santana breaks my heart. Brittany breaks my heart. Artie...I did not like what he said to Brittany. His singing though, was great as always.

- Puck is the first person to refer to Blaine as Kurt's boyfriend. So. Yeah.

- If it wasn't for how much I loved Songbird, the promo for next week's episode would have been the best part. Too bad I'm utterly spoiled about the shocking twist.
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