I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

we could be friends eh eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah

Totally hurt my neck yesterday dancing like a fool yesterday. Worth it.

There will be no photospamming on my lj because a) didn't upload my photos last night and b) I know most of y'all don't really care. It's so strange to want to go on lj and talk about things and feel like I'm annoying folks because nobody cares about the stuff that I'm enjoying.

At the same time, I totally kind of don't care that you don't care. There's stuff that I like in the world that is pleasing to me! Do you want to hear about my family drama? That my sister moved to Texas without saying goodbye to me even though she called me up a couple of days before moving to talk about something else entirely? That shit either makes me sound like "oh woe is me" pitying nonsense or makes me out to be Bad Person because I didn't obsessively track her movements.

This will be a very interesting Mother's Day weekend.

Y'see? That right there? Isn't what I want to exhaust myself on. Family ~drama~ posts should be posted sparingly and with great restraint. I guess I want to be more upbeat than wallowing and that's pretty fucking hard when you've got a family that thrives on drama and my own day to day life is pretty boring.

I severely judged an asshole straight out of the early 90s Seattle scene this morning as he was shoving past people to get onto the 1 train.

How fucking fascinating. Tell me more.

Instead I'd rather be like...yesterday I got to hang out in my favorite neighborhood in all of New York. fourfreedoms indulged me as I was ridiculous while the Freelance Whales played and we both enjoyed the opening act, the Naked and Famous, and I seriously need to check out their music. We skipped the Foals as the crowd was getting to be pretty douchey, walked over to Columbus Circle, where we chatted while enjoying diet root beer and diet cream soda.

I shall stealthily watch Due South and bask in the 90s amazingness of it. I really need to finish The Oracle Glass and I can take a good chunk of it down tonight while I'm stuck at the laundromat.

Tomorrow I'm heading home and if the fates smile upon me, I shall get to see Thor at some point. Retail therapy is a must if I can spare the funds.

The siren call of an excel spreadsheet is tempting as well. November hours for Disney World have been released and I have plans to make, mothers to cheer up, research to do.

Cheer up guys. I'm going to post fic tonight that will never be completed but it's over 5K, so dammit, I'm at least making a historical record of that time I thought I could write a J2 AU where Jensen Ackles is Dr. House and everything is amazing.
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