I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Glee: Prom Queen

Original? Not by any means, I've heard (but haven't seen) that Ugly Betty did a similar storyline. Gay boys bashed after a dance? Also happened but I'm sort of stunned that they went there with Blaine's backstory. A lot of speculation has been that he'd only experienced bullying of the verbal kind, maybe some shoving like Kurt's had.

But wow. He asked the only other boy he knew at his old school out to a dance (interestingly a Sadie Hawkins dance, and Blaine sings a song with the lyrics "you are the girl that I've been dreaming of ever since i was a little girl", fuck your gender conformity) and they got beaten. Jesus.

FYI despite him agreeing with Burt regarding Kurt's kilt, Blaine totally was smiling when he first saw the outfit and at a later point checked out his ass. Oh Blaine.

But Kurt. KURT. Chris Colfer made me fucking ache and I've been spoiled about this "shocking reveal" for a month thanks to a jackass fake extra who couldn't resist twittering the spoiler.

Kurt and Blaine are so fucking good for each other. I think they're the only couple in the fucking show that actually communicate with each other AND allow each other to see the lesser parts, the fears and the worries, and man, that's needed.

Maybe Mike and Tina are like that too. If they were allowed to have a storyline.

(I still love Mike Chang. You work that grater, bb.)

Brittany! She was kinda awesome. Not accepting Artie's serenade when every other story would have her accepting. Voting for Santana and being KIND to her AND KURT. WHAT. Brittany. Let me dance with you.

Santana. To quote Strictly Ballroom, you mustn't live your life in fear.

Kurt. Blaine.

"They can't touch us. Or what we have."

They can't.

They'll fucking try, oh yes they will, but those kids?

Well, they're crazy for each other.

Other things should be commented on. Jesse St. James. Perhaps my meh with Finn and disappointment that Rachel is STILL not over him. Yet. I shall just be happy that two boys danced together and turned a mockery into a crowning achievement.


Fuck your homophobia.
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