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I was a taller girl too, once.

I should probably have a subject header but only if I can find one that I can ride

First order of business:


Second: I'm both humbled by the reaction to my latest glee fic Where Are We Now and really fucking sad how many comments are along the lines of "I know these bullies". Fucking Christ.

I was pretty okay with Glee's episode Prom Queen but now I'm kind of sad.

Come with me guys, I'll build us a rocketship and we'll find a better place where no assholes are allowed and everyone gets treated as an equal human fucking being. We'll all have ice cream unless you're lactose intolerant, in which case, you'll have a delightful sorbet.

While I've been shaking my fists at the world, I've also watched stuff.

I went into Thor with no expectations other than pretty people being pretty and looking forward to Sir Anthony Hopkins mauling scenery and actors in his wake. "HYEEEGAHHHHHHHHH" he said to Loki at one point to silence him. Only Hopkins can do that.

As much as Loki got brandished with "I'm obviously eeeeeeevil", he DID have a point about wanting to disrupt his brother's "idiotic rule" because dude, Thor WAS an idiot. I mean, I appreciate that they didn't make Thor super complex and brainy - he does love his smashing after all - but wow, he did need a slice of humble pie to figure out that no, killing everything in sight isn't the best course of action for leading your people.

Unless you're like the king of zombies.

Other thoughts? Not very complex, it was shiny and nicely done, with a lot of great little moments. The third act isn't all that fantastic but there is nothing as awesome as Thor just laying his sweet hammer upon Loki's body to pin him there.

Oh. Idris Elba was PERFECT. Haters gonna hate but they don't APPRECIATE.

It geared me up for the next movie before The Avengers kicks off. Please be good Captain America. I'm one of few who was excited when Chris Evans was cast.

Meanwhile, back at the HBO channel, I am still NERVOUS about True Blood's fourth season. Gaaaaah. Why do I love viking vampires so much? It would be so much easier to quit this show if I didn't want to see more about Eric. Fucking Suckie and Beel.

I am still watching Game of Thrones and here's my non-spoilery review: I'm pretty sure no one is doomed!


Robert's brother and his scheming knight boyfriend. (The blowjob noises were hilarious, no? What the hell were you DOING to make that many suckling noises.)

Robert himself. Too fat to wear armor, brb going to go on a hunt (that can last a MONTH?), trying to start up a new war cuz lulz bored nao, admitting to his EVIL queen that he totes was never going to care about her, and firing the only guy who tries to challenge his stupid decrees. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, BRO.

SEAN BEAN. Yes I know the character's name is Ned but c'mon, we all call him Sean Bean. Got a stick through the leg, an angry awesome fighter pissed about his captured brother, and he'll just get the fuck out of town post-firing and while working on a SECRET discovery that everyone else knows about. TOTALLY SAFE, YO.

EVERYONE AT THE EERIE. Clearly, that place is run by a sane, thoughtful lady. She's done a good job on raising her kid too.

Anyone who breathes the same air as the Mountain. His reactions are always appropriate.

Why was this show not named Game of Dying: You Are All Winners?

Pirates of the Caribbean is coming out this weekend. I don't know how to feel about it but I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch it anyway.
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