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I was a taller girl too, once.

Glee: The Fun in Funeral - Spoiler Alert there is no fun

What emotionally manipulative bullshit. Funeral/the next ep are supposed to sort of go together but how can this episode not feel like a rushed, pointless mess? I'm not geared up for the glee kids to work it at Nationals since it's all so ridiculous.

The writers have really been doing nothing great with Sue. I love Jane Lynch and I'm sure she can neatly send this episode off for Emmy consideration but really? I'm so disappointed that I FEEL that way instead of thinking it's a great insight into Sue's character. It isn't. It's a neutralizing agent because the writers have no idea what to do with her for next season. And hey, they might retcon this forced growth and be like, "no, with the loss of her sister, Sue's meaner than ever!"

Oh, Glee. I hate that I'm in it for the supporting characters when you make such a hash of the mains. Do I give a shit about Schuester ~secretly~ joining April Rhodes's Broadway show (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? To quote the Nostalgia Critic: EXPLAIN, GLEE, EXPLAIN!)? No, I don't. I want him to get the fuck out, in fact.

Emma boxes up Will's things (Will congratulates her on her organizational skills - OF COURSE SHE CAN ORGANIZE THINGS, SHE HAS OCD AND IS METICULOUS YOU NITWIT) and wears his hiddy sweater vest and we're supposed to find that cute. No thank you.

Jesse St. James might be a jerk but at least he tried to do something with TEACHING these damn kids about their singing weaknesses. If Mercedes relies on just "feeling it" then that's a problem. But UGH, Glee, you did not just call the only black kid in the glee club lazy. You DID NOT. Also, how the fuck can Mercedes be a part of her church choir (it's your own damn canon) and not practice her heart out. YOU DO HAVE TO PRACTICE THAT SHIT, even if you aren't pulling a Rachel Berry practice schedule.

Kurt's "Some People" was very funny - intentionally so, which is good. I don't have to read people going BUT EVERYONE WAS SO MEAN OMG KURT IS FLAWLESS!!!1111 responses because no, it was a comedic take on Kurt's love of diva performances - and certainly not flawless. I'm no singing expert, but Colfer's voice sounded pretty pained staying that high for the song - I saw comments that he was singing at his break? Which, ow.

And I think it's supported by how beautiful he sounded in "Pure Imagination" that "Some People" was supposed to be a weaker performance from Kurt. Annoyingly, if Will did his fricking job, he could find awesome solos for Kurt to do for their competitions because his voice is so unusual.

Remember how Rachel and others were like "we need Kurt back for Nationals" and "he and Blaine are a huge challenge for us for Regionals"? Neither does Glee.

I laughed bitterly at the comments about who gets what song for Nationals. A group song and a duet? Gee, I wonder who'll wind up on those songs. (Note: those songs have already leaked.)

People I loved in S1: Rachel Berry.

People I miss in S2: S1 Rachel Berry.

People I liked/enjoyed in S1: Finn Hudson.

People I would like to see take a swim in the East River: Finn Hudson.

Well done, writers. I don't blame the actors on either of these - I think Cory's actually a very nice, expressive actor, but JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL when it comes to Finn Hudson. What a tool. Even when he's doing nice things, I can't stand him.

The problem is that the audience is supposed to root for him. Even when he's criticizing his girlfriend (that he cheated on in S1 and then engaged in an affair with while she was dating someone else in S2) that she's not sad enough at him breaking up with her. We're supposed to feel sad that he doesn't get the OTHER girl who he has been terrible to for most of this season because someone else is interested in her. Look, Jesse St. Jerk might not be a ~good~ guy but at least he's been pretty damn straightforward about Rachel.

Ugh. UGH to this romantic geometry. I'm not even going to start with Quinn, because I don't know who she's supposed to be depending on the episode or situation. Any hint towards a happier girl who realizes she has self-worth beyond her looks or popularity gets shattered in the following episode.

So let's roundabout back to Sue. She's been neutralized and lost the one person that's made her genuine so that...we can feel a sad. Or so that the story can make parallels to other characters and their own fucking stupid stories.

I fucking hated Will reading Sue's speech. I can't even explain it. Just hated it.

Welp. Gearing up for a finale that will have a lot of terrible original songs, one cover that hasn't leaked yet but I'm looking forward to, and um, well...I get to be amused at how Glee portrays New York City?

Oh god. Lord beer me strength.
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