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Legolas, tell me what do you see with your elf eyes? (my eyes are hazel yet amber, Aragon.)

Let's talk about the games people play on thrones.

So...definitely got someone out of the running for the wacky game! Alas, Viserys, you had an actor who made your sniveling asshole of a character far more compelling than deserved, and still, you be dead of DUH YOU DO NOT CHALLENGE THE WARLORD.

Everyone else is All Good though. Tyrion bested the Eeyries with a bit of logic thrown into his comedy and he's off to...do some knitting, I bet.

Ned Stark continues to make excellent life choices.

Arya is still my favorite. Can we get a spinoff of her and her "dancing" teacher where they are awesome? Thanks.

Man, it's great that such a fun, uplifting show can really represent how exciting it would be to live in Medieval times! Plus: POTENTIAL dragons! Whee! They'll bake cakes so much faster.

[I watched the ep this morning, will have to rewatch when I get home because I was just having such a ball laughing at all the fun times!]

Because this is my lj and you're just reading it, I'm going to share some stuff that I've learned about me:

- I am fond of people who are adorable.

- I am delighted by people being dicksmacks on the internet because Darren Criss has ruined the holy sacredness of Rebecca Black's opus Friday by joining in on an acapella treatment of that song with several other actor-musicians. How dare he.

- Your frothy rage is a delightful accompaniment to my yay it's neat to watch people having a blast singing a silly song latte.

- Polls, especially ones that encourage unlimited voting, are severe arbiters of taste and should someone get ranked at a place they do not deserve, you must attack the person and anyone who voted for them as being disgusting, rude, and worthless. This is why my polls have caused Chad Michael Murray to routinely seduce young ladies as per the voting results, have resulted in the merciless murder of my beloved cat Taylor (shh don't tell him I like him), and have actually brought dinosaurs back to life.

- I'm not sorry about resurrecting the dinosaurs. I'm not. Deal with it.

- Fandom is always fucking serious business about things that do not matter one whit. Things that do have direct connections to reality however, if you express complicated thoughts towards them mean that you're taking things too seriously and you're a dumb bitch. Of course.

- I don't judge people, people leave themselves open for judgment.

- I love you guys. I actually do even when I'm being sarcastic and joking about how I'm not touchy feely. I'd hug you all and I hope you can feel the warmth of my body through this internet hug.

- Let's pretend I was drunk while typing that last comment. I can't love anything, my heart is black and cold and...

*sees something adorable*

God fucking dammit.

I guess I was being sincere. Motherfucker.
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