I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

gaming the throne: I find it a little gamey

The Game of Thrones opening music is stuck in my head. Life has gotten a whole lot more thrilling.

Tonight I am going to see The Fellowship of the Ring. I swear to fucking god, Sean Bean better survive that movie OR PEARLS WILL BE CLUTCHED.

Let's check on the fate of an actor who plays characters who live forever and ever in the latest episode of Game of Paddleboats on a Quiet Lake.

Joffrey is such a little fucker. Congrats to the casting department and my apologies to the actor, but goddamn, I want to punch his face.

Ned Stark gave up his love affair with Honor (did you get honor, 'cause I got honor! *brofist*) to save the life of his daughter. Welp, he kind of saved Arya more than Sansa because god fucking lord, that girl is going to be served the most delicious cake ever if Joffrey is the one calling the shots.

I'm so happy-sad that in that grimdark scene, Ned saw his daughter and was able to sort of protect her. Watch, in the next episode, she'll get run over by a draft horse.

Ugh. Jofrrey. Little shit. Killing a lord of the North, undoing the crafty plans of Cersei and his advisors to have Ned to get the fuck out of their way, riling up the Northern men, wow, so many people are going to be killed all over the nation.

As I am aware of shit that happens in the books (I haven't read them nor will I until the series is officially finished), I knew Ned's life was dunzo the moment the show started. Also? He was played by Sean Bean. That's not a fucking spoiler alert: any role inhabited by Mr. S. Bean is destined for a dramatic, stirring death. Deal with it.

Apparently quite a few unspoiled people are absolutely SHOCKED that the "lead character" was killed off and are mad at HBO. My lols are many and I roll around in their bitter tears.

Well. Maybe it'll be a warning that in the show, nobody lives, everyone dies, and sometimes you invoke blood-magic and surely set up a situation that will be happily resolved by next week.

Soft dogs for all!

OMG finale next week, everything will hurt.
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