I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

Game of A Basketful of Kittens Napping in a Meadow

You guys, I think I'm going to have to stop watching Game of Thrones. I can only be spiritually uplifted so many times before it's like, can we have some people getting killed horribly or something? Where's the tears, the bloodshed, the BEHEADINGS?

Wait, last night was the finale? I have to wait a YEAR to find out what happens next?

Sheesh, I hope that when they discover the teddy bear picnic that their frolicking is extra joyous or I shall froth upon the internet.

WOOO Jon Snow & Co. are heading North past the wall! There's a state fair up in the land that is always winter isn't there? I HOPE EVERYONE GETS BUCKETS OF COTTON CANDY! First one to eat the fried twinkie wins.

(lol so look forward to more death, amirte? Poor Jon. I do love how he tries so hard to angst at people all NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MY PAIN and everyone is like lol sit down son, all of our lives suck hard, don't be such a bastard, oh wait.)

I still don't like Sam. His voice annoys me? IDK.

Joren needs to stop being so cheerful. Like, Ned be dead, stop being all gentle with Arya, you gotta make sure she's aware that she's in serious shit.

"Arry" make me think of bad Cockney pronunciations of Harry. So Arya is now Arry Pottah, the almost-orphan girl who lived. Also she is so much more awesome than you. Hey, she made a friend in Robert's bastard son! I hope we get to see more of him next year. Mild speculation of how the TV show is going to take this but I assume he's being sent out of the city for his own protection if the court is aware of him being Robert's son.

Cersei has issues. Stop fucking with your family. Jeez.

I reserve the right to punch Joffery all of the time. Ugh. UGH. Maybe Tyrion is allowed to smack him when he's Hand of the King? "I made a promise to mother not to hit you." Therefore, it's totes cool to use my knights to beat the shit out of a girl. Class act. I hope your death is painful.

Sansa, I get the feeling that your life is really going to suck for a long time. I'm sorry.

Robb...I want things to be awesome for you. I really do like you. But you're a Stark and not Arya. Welp. You're probably screwed.

Dany's dragons are SO CUTE. I did like that you can't really...be all that shocked by the betrayal from the witch. Like, she has a point, she lost everything and Dany didn't really save her from a damn thing. Can't fault Dany for what she did either. Grey-shaded characters. I like it.

So, share in the comments! Who had the happiest time in this episode? Who had the worst? Who is totally not going to die horribly next season?


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