I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

If I edited True Blood to all the stuff I like, last night's episode was about 15 minutes long

I continue to watch True Blood despite the unease I felt with the past two episodes. Why can't my silly summer vampire show be entertaining?

Do you know what i am more entertained by? Teen Wolf! If only to yell at the main character to stop being mean to the only character in the effing show that's trying to do right by him and help him out with this whole "learning how to use his abilities" business.

I'd rather watch an MTV scripted drama. Damn, True Blood, what happened?

ASkars is doing right by amnesia Eric. [Joke about gratuitous shirtless!Eric here.] Really though, the way he shifted into Swedish when trying to explain himself, the look in his eyes, his unease but absolute trust (and attraction) to Sookie (or Snooki, heh), it's wonderfully acted.

Also, Pam. Do I have to explain that to you? She's so wonderful.

If True Blood was a series about vampires, I would rec the shit out of this show. But it isn't anymore. It's about shifters of all kinds, about werewolves being happy normals who have sworn off evil drugs, about drug-addicted cops who somehow haven't been fired DESPITE the fact that they were barely allowed on the force when they were battling alcoholism, and it's about witches, fairies, and whatever the fuck else the show is willing to throw at its audience to show how shocking and edgy it is.

It's a whole lot of mess, it is what it is. Maybe it would be more coherent if I could watch Vampire Beel's scenes without rolling my eyes. Or if I cared at all about the shifters now that Jason's storyline has gotten even more disturbing (things True Blood needed: MORE RAPE). Or if I could muster an ounce of fuck for Sam and Tommy.

Oh right, and the demon baby. Because that's a story we needed in all this shit.

It's a shame when the show goes to put two actors in a scene that highlight their great chemistry and how well they play off each other and then does fuck all with it. I sort of dread what they're going to do with Sookie and Eric. I swear, Anna Paquin becomes so much more likable as Sookie when she's playing off of ASkars even when he's being asshole Eric. But you see, this is the problem with liking book four (for all that is certainly not "good" fiction), Sookie's motivations in that book are SO different than what we get on TV. She doesn't really want to help Eric at all. Book Sookie actually gives a fuck about Eric's survival and is annoyed as fuck with getting dragged into vampire business when she was trying to make a clean break, here she's just as involved despite running around for the past two episodes saying she's not, she totally is.

TV Sookie is just so fucking unbearable, guys. I doubt she'd have videos/dvds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and let Eric watch them for his amusement.

Then, Sam and Tara have a scene together! And I'm like, dammit, these two play off each other great. This is probably the only scene we'll get of them all season, isn't it?

Lafayette continues to be entertaining even when he makes very bad plans. I don't understand why Pam was afraid a simple gun? She could easily super speed out of reach, it's not like Sophie Ann being faced with a squad gunning for her.

I can't watch Jessica and Hoyt scenes anymore. :-(

Shut up, Bill.

Er, I look forward to the next mini-marathon of Teen Wolf. At least they don't think they're edgy.
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