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Fic Poll!

Y'all (I use that to honor beloved jennem, this month, my little-epic-that-could turns THIS MANY (holds up 2 fingers). In honor of that occasion and in honor of me finally taking the time to look over and edit that monster, I posted it to lj. So if you see a bunch of entries dated May 8-9, that's Betrayer. Honestly, I can see the parts that were good and that which was bad. I love it all. I'm hoping I can post it to the BFA this weekend. Over 160 pages. I have no idea how I did it.

(I totally do. Four months, insomnia, and late night hours-long writing stints, along with torturing friends with snippets and threatening to do *evil* things, such as end it Buffy/Wes. Of course, that didn't happen, otherwise Jenn would have killed me.)

And because today is pretty much the last day of finals for me, and I'll have a bit of time for writing, I've set up a poll and I encourage everyone to write, as I really, really want to write, but I don't know what I want to write for the moment.

Vote, bitches, vote! ;-)

Poll #292437 Choose Reg's Plotbunny

What should I really be working on?

Wanderlust! Faith/Wes in NYC, darkness and sex! Hell yeah!
That B/A/S fic! That needs a new title!
The O.C., Stumble into Dawn! Grown up Seth/Ryan in Sevilla!
Some Buffy/Wes. *They* are the magic.
Something happy. Something fluffy. I want to see Hell freeze over
Drabbles! Of my choosing! Because I say so!

Do you want to see more Betrayer DVD-style Commentary posted?

Sure...er..why not?
Hell yeah.
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
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