I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

sometimes I watch things.

Gah, haven't posted in a bit since I was feeling drained. Weekend has improved that.

Thursday there was a picnic by the Brooklyn Bridge with fourfreedoms as we watched Ghostbusters on an outdoor movie screen. I'd love to do it again sometime but the movie lineup isn't very inspiring.

Friday was, well, it certainly was.

Saturday kicked off with a morning way too much like a comedy of errors, doomed by a texting fail from Friday. Finally there was hanging with ignited and we somehow made it to a Harry Potter 7 Part 2 screening midday with minutes to spare. We also scored really great seats considering how late we were. Magic?

I felt I had to see the movie because people on Tumblr kept posting super spoilery gifs. Fuckers. I'll talk about the movie in another post perhaps.

I finally saw Black Hawk Down which featured All The Actors All of the Them. I liked it well enough but t made me realize I am still so in love with Generation Kill.

If I can figure out if I still have that on my external hard drive, it'll be rewatch time ASAP. Actually I wish it was back on HBO On Demand because it needs to be watched on a big TV screen but eh, I'll take what I can get.

When I'm not contemplating watching ASkars in things, I caught up on Torchwood. For the record, I haven't and will not watch Children of Earth because...eh, I don't want to, so please don't insist that I do. However, after watching two episodes of Miracle Day I can soundly say that I rather enjoyed it. Quite a bit, actually.

So. Rex. I stupidly went on TwoP to sort of clarify some stuff that went on in Miracle Day and ran into tons of hateration for the character, people immediately being STUNNED that someone would be on Torchwood and NOT be a likable guy. I have probably watched lesss TW eps than the average fan and yet I remember almost everyone on the show tends to be an asshole. Huh. Funny, that.

Rex is a HILARIOUS asshole. And obviously tragic, if my guess is right and anyone who "dies" during this Miracle will wind up dead for reals once it's reversed. He's not meant to be a good guy but he's pretty efficient and I like what Mekhi Phifer's doing with the character.

[Hey, Doris Egan wrote the second episode! Rock on, Ms. Egan. And Jane Espenson is up next. Two of my favorite female writers. Awesome.]

Aside from Bill Pullman's character, which...idk he's doing good in making the character a disgusting fuck but urgh, not a story I want to know more about, I really like the characters they've introduced so far. The doctor is great and compelling, Esther is spunky and catches on quick enough, and I am curious what Lauren Ambrose's character is up to.

Also good so far? Barrowman's acting hasn't gotten to the "oh honey" buckets of cheese level. So far.

I like Eva Myles as an actress very much but I've never liked Gwen. Now. Saying that? I think Gwen's been GREAT so far. So thank you, Miracle Day, for making me enjoy a character I've always had issues with.

I don't really have any speculation on what the deal really is besides the fact that I never trust anyone involved with setting off a chain of events that lead to Samuel L. jackson becoming velociraptor food in Jurassic Park.

Speaking of ASkars, did you know he's on a show called True Blood? Sometimes he's the highlight of an episode. Really!

Boy these "skip over scenes that bore you" method of watching is going awesome for me. So, Jason's gory rape is finally over with and he did not kill one of his abusers so we'll get to see her show up again, joy, Jessica & Hoyt will become involved with Jason's storyline now, er, what else?

Something with Arlene, shifter bullshit (UGH, MICKENS), more shifter bullshit (whatever Sam), wiccan bullshit (Pam ;____;), werwolf bullshit (Alcide, she is going to KILL SOOKIE, ,you dumbass), Bill has been fucking one of his descendants, of fucking course, and whatever else happened, I don't care.

Andy is still hilarious even with his stupid V addict story.

Things this episode confirmed with me; I hate Beel, I wish Alcide shirtless did something for me, Anna P is SO AKWARD with Joe M, whyyyyy, and um, all the awards for ASkars. All of them.

Yes, I'm using hyperbole, but damn if Amnesia Eric isn't the most hilarious, entertaining character left on this fucking show. And he and Anna generate some actual chemistry which is nice.

Going swimming in the sun and fighting gators, brb. OH ERIC. You are a lost puppy and a brutal killer and a ridiculously old vampire and you are the only fucking one in this entire cast to GET your character based off of the books and still put your own fun spin on things.

I know our time will be short, Amnesia Eric, because True Blood won't let me have nice things, but I appreciate you. I really do.

Let's move on to next week, please. I hear that there just might be a glimpse of GODRIC. Eeeeee.
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