I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

There are sarcastic elements to this poll. I don't like that it's hot outside.

If you take this poll, you will be a better person for it.

Poll #1763927 Hotter than Satan's Left Tit

Nelly's Hot in Herre:

Grim prophetic warning of our current situation.

The Chad Michael Murray Institute for Sneaky Asians Invading Your Hot Tub Inquires: to beat the heat, what would you do?

Take an ice bath while Lord Voldemort hugs you.
Locked in a large refrigeration unit with Chad Michael Murray.

ASkars cannot be shipped with the following fictional character:

Blaine Anderson (Glee)
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Batman (Fictional Versions Only)
Misha Collins (Twitter)

A 1,000 year old Nordic vampire stoned on fairy blood is swimming in the water. What do you:

Chide him for swimming naked.
Stop a large hulking werewolf from stripping naked and going into the water with him.
Join him after he defeats the gators.
Bring that werewolf with you when you join him.

Ride all the roller coasters?

All the roller coasters?

The Concern Troll Institute for the Stunningly Unaware Asks the Following: If an actor/musician familiar with stage acting (has done it since childhood, graduated from college with a major in it, writes musicals in his spare time, etc.) is in talks to do a short stint on a Broadway musical, you immediately:

declare it is impossible because Broadway is so holy and important that they never cast actors unless they EARNED the part
wring your hands and worry that it's going to be a bomb because these things are handled on whims and producers love the possibility of fucking up a successful show just 'cause
start saying that the actor lacks the skills necessary and will ruin Broadway because once again, they only cast the most perfect beings to ever perform in all of recorded history
calm your tits and hope that he does a good job if not, that'll be a bummer (whoops, you didn't concern troll properly!)

Ha, for my last question, your reference/link is this: How to Succeed in Business is in talks with Darren Criss for taking over the role for 3 weeks. Note: it's only "in talks" stage so right now, I'm at the "oh okay" stage of fangirl whatever-ness.

I'm just really amused that people are like: OMG HE'S GOING TO FAIL. Since I am the only person who watches Curb Your Enthusiasm, I'll just say I have the perfect reference to make and it'll be wasted.

Oh fuck it. Basically fandom is being like Stephen Colbert's character when he meets Larry David (one of the seasons revolves around Larry David taking over one of the lead parts for The Producers on Broadway). Colbert's character gets annoyed at Larry (as it always happens) and goes up to Larry's face and intones, "YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. FAIL!"

If he can't do the work, he won't get hired. But some of the comments have been HILARIOUS. "I'm worried about his voice." Okay. They seem to fine with it. "I'm worried about his acting." Sure, okay then. It's not like he has any experience. "But what about the dancing?" Most valid, actually, if he doesn't put in the time and work before the stage rehearsals, then that would be bad but most Glee Live reports (especially those for the concert movie taping) noted he'd improved on choreography and was really concerned about getting steps right.

It's just so funny how people are all omg HDU ruin Broadway and most of them aren't even Broadway fans. Like. Dude. Do you know how many TV actors do short stints on Broadway? A lot. And seriously, if he can't do it and FAILS, then you can worry. Not before it's official.

God, people are fuckin' weird.

Can't we all be awesome like loony_moony and lol over Harry Potter replacing Harry Potter on Broadway?
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