I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

walking wounded + fannishly uplifted = future week fabulous?

Things wot are wrong with me:

- bad stomach issues on Saturday led to me being sick on Sunday. I have successfully eaten breakfast today and in a bold move, had granola and my favorite yogurt for lunch. Let's hope I continue on this path.

- my right eye continues to be fucked up thanks to severe dry eye so my vision is super blurry. To the doctor's I go AGAIN, this time to hopefully get a more permanent plug in my upper tear duct as that was the solution last time, only it was temporary and just as my vision got better it dissolved so...I'm back to square one. Another $30 copay down the drain.

- I am having stress dreams about travel and upcoming plans. Bad, bad sign.

Things wot should make my life better:

- caithream is coming to NYC this weekend! We shall laugh and sing and talk of all things lulzy. Then drink. AND I REFUSE TO GET SICK...ER.

- I will have a loony_moony to annoy through her jet lag. Softly.

- elrina753 will make fun of Taylor, Lord Derp Cattington of Herpshire.

- Soup dumplings. They will be had.

Things wot are real:

Harry Potter on Broadway is to be replaced by the Other Harry Potter on Broadway
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