I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

don't you know people write songs about girls like you?

If you have to do concerts back to back, go see Foster the People/Cut Copy (I am ignoring the opening act) and Winter Gloves/The Naked and Famous. Still &hearts:_♥ about it.

Saturday: sloth and whatnot. Then all the laundry. All of it.

Sunday: okay. So.

Most fucked up train fuckery I've ever had to deal with when I needed to get somewhere at a specific time. I was meeting up with shighola to see Glee Live 3D: We'll Get Your Money One Way or Another, and I got to the station with what I thought would be enough time to get there should the trains run slow.

Ha. 45 minutes later, a train finally rolled on by after 11:10am. The movie's start time is 11:30am. I figured I was fucked but hey, I went to the damn concert so I could miss a bit of the beginning. Somehow, despite getting there after the movie supposedly started, I came in while the trailers were still rolling. Huh.

The movie. Mmm. Okay, so that director? No.

I liked getting to see the faces of everyone performing. Chris Colfer is hilarious since he's always doing something in the background. While I had the incredible luck to partner up with some awesome folks and wind up in floor seating at Nassau Coliseum next to the smaller second stage, which means yes, I did see the Singles Ladies dance like, 15 feet away (and it is not included in the movie FYI), any of the songs done on the larger stage weren't that clear and I'd have to rely on the big jumbo screens to watch them perform.

So it was worth it to see Lea perform Don't Rain On My Parade because holy fuck.

Amber Riley kills it on Ain't No Way (as she did when I saw her, damn girl). However the director, in his infinite wisdom, immediately cut to Cory Monteith singing Jesse's Girl. Ouch. I totally leaned over to shighola and said, "who the hell decided to let Cory follow Amber?"

I don't think Cory is the worst singer ever, though vocally he is very weak and hey, Jesse's Girl is not the most complicated of songs. So. Don't put it after someone kills it on a fuckin' amazing Aretha tune. Are you out of your fucking mind? If you are going to show the concert out of order (and they did, there's no reason why "Blaine" performs with the New Directions in the movie, whereas the concert actually had a cute skit that explained it), pair up the songs that work together and flow naturally.

Or you get Cory fucking up after Amber gives a fucking powerhouse performance. Jesus. I should not be wincing.

One of the best (read: funniest) moments is Lea doing this amazing improv reaction during a "behind the scenes" interview as Rachel. It's fucking golden.

The director left in Darren being Darren instead of Blaine during an interview segment. Why. WHY DID NO ONE JUST DO ANOTHER TAKE? "Hold up, Darren, you're supposed to be in character." Five seconds. You stupid fuckers.

Jane Lynch, despite flying to NEW JERSEY to perform two scenes live (seen in the trailers) was entirely cut out of the movie.

And that's the problem I have with it. There was no reason to cut out the stuff that they did. The movie certainly wasn't too "long" in fact, it's quite quick, but the editing was ridiculous and there was no reason to mix up performances the way they did AND that they edited down songs that were already at the shortened length (all concert songs are the same length as the TV performances). So you'd just miss out on the beginnings of songs randomly, which was dumb.

There was a whole lot of dumb in this movie. Not a shocker it didn't do well; it's a specialized type of movie anyway, the concert movie, and it's just not all that. I guess anyone dying to see it can go right ahead, I don't mind spending matinee price to see Lea being lolzy and hearing Amber's amazing voice and enjoying Darren's crazy stage presence.

I didn't really like the "fan" stories. Two of them were fine, if awkward with the reenactments, but one of them bugged me hardcore. There was also some foolish editing. You have a guy talking about being bullied when he was forced to come out and then cut to someone saying, "Oh my shirt says self-centered because that's all I could think about. Maybe it would also say short." Yes. Your struggles, they are epic. I feel the oppression of my self-centered tribe. We are weary that no one cares about us the way we care about ourselves. Won't anyone understand we're the most important people ever?

So yeah, redheaded girl, you are not fucking oppressed because you have a hair color that is genetically less likely to crop up in the average population. You are in America. Sit the fuck down. As a fellow redhead (and not a GINGER, come on girl, that's a British term), no, we're not oppressed. People pay good money to dye their hair red and fail at it every day. Embrace your color, redheads are the fastest to go grey.

Yes I'm a judgy ass. I'm cool with it.

After the movie, still damp from the rain, we met up with fourfreedoms for lunch and hung out being awesome. Be jealous. It's okay.

Perhaps I will someday talk about True Blood. I'm sort of waiting out the season finale at this point. It's like they took everything I loved and smashed it to bits and then put cheesy music over it for the final nut punch.

But Alexander Skarsgard has a truly compelling ass.
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